Friday Favorites

This week was backwards week for Works for me Wednesday so I really don’t have many favorites. I did get great advice on my problems w/Jayden eating unhealthy. I actually tried a trick with him yesterday when he got home from school and told him that Mickey Mouse called and told me to give him a magic bean stalk w/peanut butter. Jayden believed me and actually ate celery w/peanut butter. I almost cried! I am going to invest in the Deliciously Deceptive book. I might even buy the one that was before that one…I heard it’s better :)

If you are looking for advice on a certain topic, I highly suggest looking through Wednesday’s WFMW at Shannon’s blog CLICK HERE – you can look through the titles that people posted and if one interests you then click on it and many people gave their tips and opinions on those certain topics.

I added a couple new blogs to my blog roll and am going to feature them here.

GoofyJ has a blog called My Adventures and Antics. She is a wonderful LDS mom who also has a heart baby. Her son doesn’t have what Ella has, but when I was reading her story it was amazing how in ways it was close to mine. It flooded me with memories of that life changing day I went through. I’m excited to start reading her blog and connecting with a wonderful woman who has so much in common with me.

Another blog I added is Elizabeth’s Thoughts From The Turtle Pond. She left a comment on my plea for help on lowering my husband’s blood pressure. She too has a husband who has high blood pressure and posts recipes that are healthy. I’m anxious to start cooking up some good stuff for my husband to enjoy.

I also added a link to a blog called Calling All LDS Woman Bloggers. I’ve always searched for other LDS mama blogs and am so happy to have found this blog! There’s a blog roll with many LDS woman blogs. So if you’re interested go check some of them out. If you’re curious about what LDS (Latter Day Saints) members believe please CLICK HERE – we don’t bite, I promise.

Those are my favorites for this Friday Favorites. I hope you all had a wonderful week…. and DON’T FORGET TO CHANGE YOUR CLOCKS SATURDAY NIGHT BEFORE YOU GO TO BED!!!!!

3 comments to Friday Favorites

  • GoofyJ

    Hi Amanda – thanks for the feature :-) I am excited to be reading your blog too.

  • Becky

    Amanda, thanks for the other blog links.

    My friend Patty uses recipes from the Deliciously Deceptive cookbook. I have it but haven’t tried any of the recipes on my kids yet. My 8 year old likes to eat junk and it’s challenging to get him to eat healthy food. It’s funny how you were able to get Jayden to eat celery.

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Amanda,
    Thanks. I have a couple recipes to post soon. Right now I am busy when the holy holidays.

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