He’s a keeper

There are so many times where I’m frustrated with my husband. Sometimes he really can make me madder than I’ve ever been, and lately with my hormonal problem I’ve said some pretty horrible things to him. There’s so many little things that he does that sometimes just really get under my skin. Marriage can be so darn difficult.

My car’s battery went dead yesterday and he’s been doing so much to get this car going again. Unfortunately it’s not just a simple jump. It’s frustrating the crap out of me too, because my car’s not that old.

As I was watching him out there my heart was filled with love. I love him. He does so many things for me, and not many husbands do things for their wives. I have a lot of people I talk to that complain about their husbands and how lazy they are. I do the same sometimes. I complain about Gino, but usually to Gino. I try to not complain about my husband to other people. I try to keep our problems within ourselves. I used to bring other people into our problems and that doesn’t work. It only made matter extremely worse.

I feel bad when I nag. I feel bad that I’ve been such a mean, wretched wife. I love him. He can make me madder than anyone in this world, but he also can make me happier than anyone (besides our babies of course).

I feel very blessed to have this man as my husband.

2 comments to He’s a keeper

  • Susan Reynolds

    That’s a great post, and I wish all women felt like their husbands were keepers. Aren’t they all just a little annoying though? :)

    After 35 years with mine there are always times that I wish he’d do something a little differently – or a lot differently. I wish instead of reading a book about Senator Obama right now he was reading a book about dealing with the complications of breast cancer. I wish he asked if I needed a drink when he came into the bedroom instead of being focused on something he thought needed to get done like hanging up his shirt.

    But like you, I try to look past that to see the great things he does for me and the family today and has also done through the years. We do our best. The guys do their best. That’s all we can ask for – and try to grow together as well, right?

  • Kimberlee

    That is a great post. Marriage is full of ups and downs. And I really like to read about your ups knowing there have been some downs.

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