I really am done. I have been going going going and going since 6am. We got Norm moved into his home, my grandma moved into her home and I haven’t felt this tired in a REALLY long time. I know I’ve been full of rants lately, but I have to go at it again.

Why is it that men HAVE to have 1 up on you? Why can’t they just for once shut their mouths and sympathize with you with whatever problem you’re having? Why can’t they just for once at least pretend like they sympathize with you?

I just got home, sat at the table to feed Ella and said, “I am so exhausted!” That was not an open invitation for HIM to start comparing with me. He looks at me and says, “YOUR tired?” In that tone – you know the tone, the tone of I’m more tired than you. The most annoying aspect of my husband is the comparing game ~ he works harder, he’s more tired, blah blah blah UGH!

I know he’s tired! I wasn’t saying he wasn’t – but was there really a need for the comparing game?


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