I Finished Breaking Dawn

and it was WONDERFUL! The ending was perfect and I’m completely satisfied and okay that it’s over. I didn’t think I’d be able to say that, but it does leave wonderful closure. Of course, I’d love for it to keep going on and on, but that would eventually ruin the whole story. It has to end eventually. Hopefully we still get Midnight Sun someday ~ I think that hearing things from Edward’s perspective will put a whole new spin on things.

My next book I’m going to start reading is The Host. Also by Stephenie Myer. The story line seems a little different, but it has some pretty good reviews and I really love her as an author.

2 comments to I Finished Breaking Dawn

  • Emily

    I am so glad that you finished the book and that you liked the ending. I can’t wait for you to come over, Steven downloaded a software that has layers so I will try to learn it.

  • GoofyJ

    Hi! Sorry I haven’t been around much – things have been SO busy :-) I’m glad you enjoyed the book – I enjoy the series too. I haven’t read the Host yet either, but hear it is very good.

    I hope to come around more often now that school is in session and things are slowing down a bit…sort of…. :-)

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