I have worked so hard on not being negative and it really is hard when I’m hit hard with it. I understand that situations can be hard, stressful and it’s hard to see a positive aspect on it. I understand that so much. However, what I don’t understand is when people create negativity for themselves and try to pull everyone in the negativity pool with them.

Instead of freaking out and causing havoc in everyone’s life around you, why don’t you just stop, take a deep breath and work on solving the problem. Let’s not create more problems, let’s fix the problems we have. This is totally work related, and I’m having a tough time dealing with negativity coming from it. We are in a sticky situation and it’s hard.

I am trying so hard to remain positive and find solutions for the problems this company is having right now, but when the head of it is so negative it’s hard to remain positive.

Deep breath……. I can do this.

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