I went to Jayden’s conference and left so pleased. My little man isn’t doing too bad, and I kept looking at the report card with this warm feeling in my heart…. he’s doing so great!

So, the fact that he’s doing great in school isn’t a fake, but that report card was! We got another student’s report card ~ so I have yet to see how Jayden is “really” doing LOL.

I have seen a huge difference in him and his school work. His reading comprehension used to not be as good as it is now. He’s been getting 100% on his reading comprehension answers, and his math skills at home have been excellent.

I as a parent need to try harder though. There are days that I actually forget to have him read to me… there shouldn’t be a day that goes by that Jayden isn’t practicing his reading. I need to be more structured with the kids and myself. I need a time schedule in this house to keep me on track. I know that it doesn’t work for some, but I think it would really work for us. Sometimes I get consumed in other things and I need to limit things for all of us…. computer time, TV time, and make sure that there is time for the things that matter.

I need to block time for my work for my grandparents, I need to block time for Wildtree and make sure that I’m not spending too much time on those things and not the kids. I should be completely done with everything by the time I pick up Jayden so that the rest of our day is spent together and that they have good memories… and this isn’t impossible. It just takes organization and structure… and I need to get us there.

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  • Kristen

    I’m in the same boat trying to organize my time and my day so that I can devote my attention to the kids when they get home, especially to my 6 year old for the hour we have together before the others are out of school. But I also get caught up in other things when I should be there with him and only him.

    It’s just one of those things we all face as parents and we will probably fall short in again, or at least I know I will. But I hope that my children will recognize that I do try to spend time with them,help with homework, go to sporting events and concerts and am cheering them on.

    In the end I also hope that they recognize that it’s okay to do something you enjoy once and a while too. We don’t have to devote every second to everyone else. And since I have all boys, I also hope they recognize that it’s okay for men to clean up and help with the house too! — hmm maybe I should send that reminder to my husband! lol

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