Life for us….

Life in the Garibay home has been a bit different lately. There are things that have happened that I can’t yet discuss on my blog due to privacy issues (I’m not sure who reads it!!)

I will say this… I’m exhausted, sad and I just hope that everything turns out the way God intends it too. This doesn’t have much to do with our immediate family, but is effecting it. Not in a bad way :) So… basically, life has changed a bit and will remained changed for probably a couple of weeks… maybe longer who knows.

Today is General Conference and I’m anxiously awaiting to see what guidance is passed down to us today. I know a lot of people will gather at the church today to watch the words of our prophet and advisers, but I will happily be watching at home with a pause button…. something much needed with kids!!!

3 comments to Life for us….

  • Valerie

    Sorry life has been difficult lately. I hope that you can find the peace you need and answers to your questions as you watch conference and ponder it after. I prefer it at home with little ones too!

  • Kathi.

    I can relate to life being crazy lately, We have been going through some changes in our family too. I hope that things work out.

  • Kimberlee

    Thinking of you. I hope things are working out.

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