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~ Here’s my ASK A BLOGGER question ~

I am not a coupon clipper. I’m not very frugal when it comes to grocery shopping, but you can read {HERE} how that’s about to all change. I want to learn about a good system that I can use to start trying to be frugal. I don’t even know where to begin….. I don’t know how to organize coupons and all of that….. so bloggers can anyone help me????

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  • Rachel R.

    Well, phoo. I have plenty of questions, but now that you've asked me to post one, my mind's gone blank! lol I will have to do some more thinking.

    Envelopes in a shoebox are a good way to get started, if you want to begin clipping coupons. To begin with, I started buying the Sunday paper, and clipping all of the coupons. (After a while, you'll start to figure out what will definitely not get used around your house.) Sort them into envelopes labeled by category. Then read the sale papers and start matching up coupons with sales. (I don't recommend shopping more than one grocery store for sales. Sooner or later, the same stuff will go on sale at all of them. So figure out who has the best sales and coupon policies and use that as your "sale" store. Then only buy sale items there. Shop another store – I prefer Wal-Mart – for those staple items that never seem to go on sale. They will likely be more expensive at your "sale store.") I find that I do pretty well by shopping at one sale grocery store and the 3 big drugstores around here. (And I only go to one of the drugstores if there's enough on a steep enough sale that week to make it worth the stop.) I only started doing this after we moved about six months ago, and it's fairly routine for me now, so you can definitely pick it up!

  • Rachel R.

    Well, here you go; I'll be first. (Hey, maybe that means I'll get more answers! lol)

  • Rachel R.

    …and three

  • Lesslie

    I have no Answers for Coupon Clipping. I usually pick up the coupons the day I go shopping and that's that LOL.

  • Stefany

    I do two things with my coupons. I cut some out and put them in a zippered binder in baseball card holders. Those are the ones that I am certain I will use if the right sale (or I just need it) comes along.

    I also mark my inserts (the date is on the side binding) on the front and put those in a accordion file. Those are the coupons that I am just not really positive on but if the right sale (ie. free or very cheap) I would buy it. :)

  • Veronica Lee

    Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

  • Stephanie, Mama Dramatist

    Well, Howdy.

    I'm somewhere on the list of "Most Disorganized People in the World." I'm not the worst, but I'm on the list.

    I have one of those expandable files. I've labeled it by category of item (ie "Bathroom/Toiletries, Canned Goods, etc). I do the Rachel "sale store" thing, plus I have a grocery list that I downloaded from The FlyLady courtesy of Woman's Day Magazine that I've customized for our needs. I mark on the list the items for which I have a coupon (so I won't forget — I hate it when I have a coupon for something and I forget to use it at the register!).

    However, if there is a more efficient way out there, I'm game. Really. Seriously.

  • Stephanie, Mama Dramatist

    Hey, #2!!

  • Stephanie, Mama Dramatist

    …Aaaaaand #3!

  • Tamara B.

    I couldn't be able to keep my family fed if I didn't use coupons. I always use coupons and even cut them out on leave some on the aisles in the grocery stores for others to use. I have a plastic box and use index cards to divide them up in their proper category.

  • Groovewoman

    Entry #1… LOVE Bath & Body Works!

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  • Groovewoman

    Entry #2… I Twitted the message.
    I'm @Groovewoman

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