When the Dog’s Got the Runs….. {lovely post, I know!}

I’m just gonna come out and say that NOTHING….. NOOOOOOOTHING is worse than a dog w/the runs. Talk about DISGUSTINGNESS in your home. Sorry for the TMI, but I’ve been dealing with it and it’s been HORRIBLE.

So in my search for a remedy I turned my plea to Twitter… and {@ToBeThode} or for her blog {CLICK HERE} recommended Canned, pure pumpkin…. holy cow bells, people (or tweeple if you’re peekin in from Twitter)IT WORKS! It really, really works!!!!!

So, next time your dog has the runs…. MIX PUMPKIN IN WITH THE FOOD. And that is all :)

For other things as awesome or even awesomer {it is a word… if it’s on my blog it’s a word!} {CLICK HERE}

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