Letters for my babies

Dear Jayden,

Last night your dad and I were talking about how special you are. I know that every parent in the world thinks their kids are special, have a special soul, but we’re not the only ones that see it with you. Your soul is different, Jayden. Most kids your age aren’t concerned with the things you’re concerned about. Most kids your age aren’t as loving as you are. Your boyscout pack leader tonight told me how sweet and special you are. Jayden, your soul is so pure and I find it hard to think that it could ever change…. I told your pack leader, hey we just might have the next prophet right here. I love you, Jayden. You brighten my world and make my heart sing. I want you to know that I will ALWAYS be here for you… no matter what. You will always be my baby.

Love, Mama

Dear Ella,

I just want you to know that you are a complete joy to my life. I catch myself just staring at you while smiling. I catch myself praying to Heavenly Father just to thank Him for
blessing me with you. I tell you all day long that you and your brother are my best friends. Ella, I just absolutely adore you and I want you to always know that. I want you to always know that you are so special to me and I will ALWAYS be here for you…. no matter what.

Love, Mama


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