The Whitest Hispanic EVER!


My husband is Hispanic. He’s a nice mixture of Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican. What I’m getting at here is he should not only know Spanish, but he should know how to spell things like…. quesadilla.

He had left a status update on his facebook about how he was hungry…. a comment was left telling him that he should make a quesadilla.


Gino: Um, why did he spell it wrong?

Me: What wrong?

Gino: Erran left a comment telling me to make a CASE-A-DILLA

Yes, people… he actually pronounced it like it was written in English…. WOW!

I don’t think that I’ll ever let him down for this one. I make fun of him EVERY, SINGLE DAY and he’s gotten to the point where he makes fun of himself with me.

At work people come up to him all the time and start asking him questions in Spanish, and he always has to say, “Um, I’m sorry let me find somebody who can help you.” SO FUNNY!

Don’t let his skin color fool you, people…. he’s the whitest Hispanic person I think I’ve EVER met in my entire life.


3 comments to The Whitest Hispanic EVER!

  • Twin-Spiration

    So funny Amanda! That picture is adorable of him!

  • Sammy

    my husband called me a "mexi-can't" because of my quesadilla maker that I wanted (and never use…) I feel Gino's pain trust me. No one even believes that I'm remotely Mexican, at least Gino has the nice skin!

  • Chelle

    Now that is hilarious!!! I just asked my husband how to spell it {he's Mex/Span} and he said "k-q-…" I said "what?!"

    He then said he meant "q" he meant "Q!" Lol!

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