Dear Ella

Please, please, please slow the heck down on the growing up! I can’t believe that if I call you baby you correct me with “I’m not a baby, I’m a girl.” Well, since you replace a majority of letters w/n’s it sounded more like “Girln”

You’ve been obsessing lately over your birthday party. It’s seriously the cutest thing ever! You can’t wait to have your party hats and your friends over and cake. Last year we really didn’t do a birthday party for you {which is totally a parent fail} but this year I can promise you you’ll get your party that you’re looking so forward to.

The other night you came into my room looking for your ladybug dress. You needed it because you were going to wear it to the movies and you needed me to call all of your friends so they could go with you. Ella, you aren’t even officially 3 yet! You still have 2 months! I can’t believe you’re already such a social little butterfly that you’re thinking about getting friends together and going to the movies. I just want the clock to slow down for a second, because this going way too fast.

I worry about how you’ll take this new baby coming into your world. I think you’ll do great and I think you’ll love your baby sister or brother so much, but I still worry. I hope you always know how extremely special you are to my heart. I can’t even explain or put into words how much I love your sweet, independent, loving self. I love the little girl you are growing into, and while I really wish I could pause time I can’t wait to watch you grow into the beautiful young woman I know you will be.

I love you, Ella.

Love, Mama


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