So, as I write this out I’m actually 15 weeks 4 days, but I’m updating on my doctor’s appointment that happened on Monday.

Weight:  Total Down: 14lbs ~ Down 8lbs in 4 weeks (from my last appointment)  Doctors aren’t thrilled, but what can I do.

Baby ~ heart beat was there…. always a scary moment for me when they’re looking for it.  It was sortof an uneventful {that’s never a bad thing} appointment.

I felt the baby move at 13 weeks exactly, but it isn’t a constant thing I feel.  Sometimes I think I feel a flutter, and today it seems to have picked up a bit more.  My stomach within the past couple of days has completely bulged out and I’m finally actually looking pregnant.  This has been so bizarre for me, because normally I start showing REALLY early on… this time it’s taken me almost 4 months to show at all.

Morning sickness came back in full mode, but for the past 3 days I’ve kept everything down!  I’m not taking any medications besides Pepcid, so maybe I’m finally getting to the point of feeling good.  Crossing my fingers!

I have a high risk u/s scheduled for 7/6/10, so I’ll get to find out the sex then!  Then I have another u/s on 7/13/10.  I get high risk u/s done because of Mya.  Everything is going wonderful with this pregnancy and there’s no reason to believe that anything bad could happen.  I think this baby is here to stick around… well, it better be!

I am going to start doing my belly shots on Sunday so luck you guys get to see my belly!


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