Just a Motivating Monday ~ Charting our OWN course

I LOVE inspiring things to motivate me and I thought what better of a day to read inspiration than on dreadful Mondays. If you would like to write something you think will inspire or motivate others PLEASE link up!! I’d love to read your words and I’m sure that others would as well!

This is my first time doing Just a Motivating Monday on the new blog!  AND I’m realizing I don’t have a button for Motivating Monday, so I’m just going to put my regular blog button for this week and work on designing a new one for next week.

I’m going back and grabbing one of my favorite quotes that I try to read and live by.  It’s hard, because we as humans forget how important it is to respect others for their decisions.  I know I do!  I hope that this touches your heart in a way like it has touched mine.

“Each of us must direct our own lives, chart our own course and make our own decisions, and what is best for me is probably constraining for you. We too often forget the fact that what most of us need is to be nurtured, not improved. An emphasis on improvement confirms our inadequacies, while nurturing affirms who we really are and who really loves us. Too often we try to help others by seeking solutions to their problems, or giving them our plan for personal improvement when what they need is love, understanding and acceptance.

Let us remember these two things: that personal joy comes from appreciating the present and that the greatest gift we give to others is a nurturing heart.”

I think that if we all lived by what is said above that we would all be much more joyous and happier in our own personal lives.

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  • Hi Amanda,

    I just found your new website and I’m glad I did. I love reading your blog. You’re so inspiring. I like this post. Good advice, something we all need to work on (well I do forsure) I got lost when I was trying to find Garibay Soup and this Cambell’s thing kept coming up? So I couldn’t find you and I thought maybe you had stopped blogging or something. I’ve been doing the truth challenge also and it’s been quite interesting.
    Congratulations on the pregnancy! That’s so exciting. :)

    • I’m glad you found me!!! I lost quite a few readers when I lost my Domain… it was sad. The truth challenge has definitely been interesting! Some posts are pretty easy, but then there’s the really hard ones! There’s one that I’m dreading and I’m not sure how I’m going to do it.

      Thanks for the congrats! I only have a few months left and am so excited for December to get here!!

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