30 Days of Truth ~ Day 1

Some extremely awesome and amazing bloggers are doing this thing called 30 Days of Truth…. and I love the idea, so I’m jumping aboard.

Day 1 ~ Something I Hate About Myself

Lordy ~ I’ve pondered this one for a while now. I ended up deciding not to go with something physical and do something on the inside…. something I hate about myself, but something I most definitely can fix, but until I face the music and admit to thing I hate about myself I’ll never fix it.

I am the queen of screwing myself over. I for some weird and extremely strange reason put things off until sometimes it’s too late. Okay, I said it! That feels a tad bit better.

I guess you can call it procrastination.  I do tend to procrastinate a tad and probably get this from my mother, because she is QUEEN of procrastination.
Here’s what I don’t get….. why don’t I just do things right away and be done with them so I don’t have to WORRY about them.  Worrying is something I hate to do, so while I tend to procrastinate, I in turn make myself worry and I hate this about myself!
I’ve tried to just take care of things as soon as they enter my mind, and it’s going to be a while of trying to practice this new life bettering idea before I make it a habit.  But I hate that I do this to my life.  I don’t want to procrastinate anymore! 


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