30 Days of Truth ~ Day 10

This 30 days of truth challenge has been an extremely within the depths of your soul reaching experience for me. Some posts have been extremely difficult for me to write, some have left me in tears, some have made me smile and appreciate my life. If you are interested in jumping on board and doing the 30 Days of Truth on your blog Angel Believes has all of the topics on her blog {HERE}. Just start at the beginning, go at your own pace, and enjoy it.

I tweet my posts using the #30daysoftruth hashtag, since there is no linkup for this. There’s a few other awesome bloggers that are using this hashtag as well.


Day 10 ~ Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn’t know



I don’t think I really have “letting go” issues. If you’re in my life, you’re in my life for a reason. If you’re not… then I’m sure there’s a damn good reason as to why you’re not.

I don’t wish I didn’t know anybody. People who are in my life are here for a reason, people from the past that were in my life had their reason as well… it’s just their time was up. There are bigger and better things for the both of us out there and we didn’t require each other in our lives anymore…. I guess.

I don’t have regrets. So if you were in my life and close to me once, then I appreciate everything you brought to my life, including the bad. We are fortunate enough to have this life to face our challenges and to grow from them. Without the bad that people have brought me, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I must say, I do quite like who I am today ~ versus oh, 5 years ago. Who I was and who I surrounded around me 5 years ago was HORRIBLE, but I took the opportunity to learn that that person and those friends are not who I want to be. So, I packed up, moved my life and keep a nice, padded distance. But I am grateful to them for teaching me that I can be a better person, and that I can choose more for my life and be an even more amazing example for my children. Without learning that from the negative people in my life I wouldn’t be who I am today.

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