Personal Revelation? Or just coincidence?

This weekend my husband and I got to go out on a date.  You have no IDEA how needed this date truely was.  We have gone from spending LITERALLY Every. Single. Day together…. since he doesn’t leave for work until the evening, and I stay home…. to NEVER seeing each other. 

It’s a change.

Probably a good, needed change.

But regardless, it’s a change.

And I miss him SO. FLIPPING. MUCH!

So this date was very much so needed.

This post isn’t about our date though.  It’s about something that occured on the date and something that has me REALLY thinking… hard about how God uses us to do his work.  If we stop and actually try to read into the feelings we receive or the thoughts that randomly enter our brain, we might put our finger on what it is that he’s trying to get us to do to help Him.  I call this personal revelation and I truly believe that each and every single one of us receives personal revelation from Him.

At one point during my date my eyes wandered over to a man and his date.  I instantly looked deep into this mans face to see if it was the boyfriend of my sister’s mother {one of my sister’s from my dad}.  I have no idea why I did this or why I would even think it was him, but something inside of me was suspicious.  Seeing this man put in my head a weird feeling about “George” {we’re changing his name up to protect his identity}.

Now here’s what I don’t get, people.  I never see my sister’s mom, her boyfriend or even think about them.  I do know that they live in separate homes, but they are TOGETHER and they share 2 babies.  I recently did a photoshoot of their cute babies {HERE}

Now, let’s fast forward to the end of our date.  My husband and I are walking out to our car from the movie theater when this man holding this blonde’s hand caught my eye…. so I looked and then I stopped DEAD IN MY TRACKS.  By golly gee… it was “George”!  AND he was holding hands with another woman walking towards the theater.

I did what anyone would do… I hope, and I called my sister {who was babysitting my children} and she called her mom.  And her mom went to the theaters and BUSTED him.

Now…. here’s my thing.  Why was I constantly looking for any man that would resemble “George”?  I believe that if we pay very close attention to the feelings that we feel deep inside there probably is a reason for it.  Maybe not every feeling or suspicion, but if something hits you out of the middle of nowhere, it just might be personal revelation from God.

Call me crazy, but I believe that God put me at that exact moment and had me aware looking for what was going to be happening.  And I’m thankful that He did.

10 comments to Personal Revelation? Or just coincidence?

  • I’ve always believed that things happen for a reason and that if we just stop and listen for a moment we can get the answer. In this case, having George on your mind because as you said, why would you be thinking about him?

    I know I told you this on twitter the other day, but I just once again want to say that I think it is great that you actually called and told the sister/mom what you saw. Because I truly believe that most people would have just “let it go” and minded their own business.

    If George had been my partner, I would have wanted someone to tell me, even though it would hurt for a while, its better than the living in a lie.
    Jenn recently posted..We finally know!

    • Letting something go like this is something that is really hard for me. If I were in her situation I sure hope somebody would tell me! But you’re right, it’s so much better than living in a lie… because that is NO WAY to live.

      Thank you for chiming in :) And congrats on finding out it’s a boy!! Jenn and her boys has a very nice ring to it!

  • It’s very interesting how God can use us in different situations.
    I definately believe that things like that happen for a reason. Why would you be thinking of him and then you just so happen to see him? A little too coincidental methinks :)
    I think it took courage for you to phone your sister and tell her. Too often people let things like that go but like you say we should think about how we would feel in that situation and if we would want to know.
    Tylaine recently posted..Mommy and Me Monday and Day 8 of Day of Truth

    • Thank you, Tylaine. It really tripped me out all night how it all went down and worked out….. my sister’s mother told me that she has had her suspicions, but has never been able to catch him. She also at one point just thought she was crazy ~ glad I was able to show her she’s not crazy!

  • Hyacynth

    Looks great here!
    God teaches us in awesome ways, doesn’t He? So glad when He does that kind of stuff for me, too!

  • I doubt it was coincidence. God speaks sometimes, and then other times, instincts lead us without our realizing it. Either way, it was no coincidence, I’m sure of that.

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