A Beautiful Realization

It’s Friday.

I just spent the 7th week away from my home.

I have officially missed out on 7 weeks of lazy mornings, 3 year old giggles all day, and soaking up the sunshine while watching my little girl play her day away.

But I’m halfway through. There’s only 7 weeks left of me working. 7 weeks left then I’ll be able to go back to lazy mornings, hearing 3 year old giggles all day, but the sun will be gone…. and instead I’ll have to watch her play her day away inside. *sigh*

There’s things I’ve realized in these past 7 weeks of working. I just plain out don’t want to do this for the rest of my life. I’ve watched people come in to work, day after day, sitting in front of a computer. Doing the same thing EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! And I’m not talking young bucks, people. I’m talking I’m watching old people come in who have probably worked the same job for 20+ years. I just can’t fathom doing something like that.

Where is the growth?

Jim Rohn has a quote that I absolutely love love love love love….

“Work harder on yourself than you do on your job. If you work harder on your job you’ll make a living {which is fine} but if you work harder on your self you’ll make a fortune {which is super fine}.”

I have been blessed to have had wonderful opportunites to be placed into my life. Opportunites where I can make a fortune and I can set my life and the life of my children and generations to come up for greatness. I’ve never doubted that what I’ve had in my hands is magical and a pure blessing from God, but I don’t think I knew exactly how much I really needed it in my life.

I had been home for over 3 years and didn’t have to get up and leave at the crack of dawn for work. I didn’t have to miss out on any part of my children’s life. I didn’t have to kiss my kids as I’m running out the door so I’m not late. I didn’t have to miss out on a damn thing. So having something so powerful placed into my lap was fine, but it wasn’t super fine until I realized that if I didn’t grab that bull by the hands and ride it, I would end up one day coming to a job ~ you know, (Just Over Broke). Doing the SAME. THING. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

No thank you. I’m setting my life up for greatness. I’m going to go back to building my empire and making money by saving my family and friends money on services they’re already using. I’m going to skip to my mailbox knowing that my mom and my best friend and everybody I know they paid their cable bill, they paid their cell phone bill, the paid their internet bill, they paid their home phone bills, they paid their home security bill to protect their family, they paid their flipping POWER & GAS BILL! And the beauty of it all is, they’re smiling too, because they’re paying cheaper than they paid before. And every, single month I’m getting a portion of that. That is the most beautiful sounding thing I think I’ve ever heard.

It’s my ticket to be home. It’s my ticket to ensure my children’s futures are set. It’s my ticket greatness.

And before these past 7 weeks of doing the SAME. THING. EVERY. SINGLE DAY. I didn’t realize what a true blessing I had in my hands.

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