Fears of a Mama of 3 to Be

Oh my most favorite day of the week ever!

You think that your life feels complete and that there is nothing missing until the birth of your new child. I’m 26 weeks and 2 day pregnant.

I have fears inside of me that I had with Ella.

Fears that I know will vanish the moment I look into this baby girl’s eyes.

Fears that there’s no way I could love this baby as much as I love my other two children.

The love for your children is something that is so big, so powerful, and so incomprehensible, that you can’t imagine it for even a second. As much as I know that I love this little flipper in my stomach I can’t fathom loving anything or anybody as gut wrenchingly much as I love Jayden and Ella.

But you know what, I felt this exact same way when I was pregnant with Ella. I had fears of not loving her as much as I loved Jayden, because how in the world could I ever love anything as much as I love Jayden? The minute I looked into Ella’s eyes, she had my heart. This is something that I have to keep reminding myself. As fearful as I might be that there’s a chance I won’t love this baby…. It’s only a fear and I know that she’ll capture my heart the same way Jayden and Ella both did.

I’m starting to get anxious and excited about the arrival of the new baby. It’s hard to believe that in a few short months our life is going to be extremely changing. There’s going to be a little, teeny, tiny baby that’s our’s. It’s so surreal.

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  • I am expecting my fifth child and trust me you will love this one just as much as you love your other two. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! You are about a month further along than I am and it will go by fast.
    Cascia @ Healthy Moms recently posted..Wordless Wednesday Boxes

    • Well, hello pregnancy buddy :) I love finding other mama’s out there that are pregnant with me. I just recently read your pregnancy story ~ isn’t it amazing when God has different plans than we do? Are you on twitter?

  • I had that same fear with my second and third. And of course as soon as they were born,that fear went away.

  • I totally had that fear with Ethan (my first) when I was pregnant with Aria but you’re so right in that the moment you look in their eyes that’s it. Your love just expands and you love each of them with everything in you.
    Tylaine recently posted..Mommy and Me Monday and Day 8 of Day of Truth

    • I LOVE your daughter’s name! I’m reading the Pretty Little Liars books right now, and Aria is one of the main characters ~ and funny thing is her mom’s name in the book is Ella {my daughter’s name}.

      I know I shouldn’t worry about it, because it really will all work out…. God does something magical to our hearts and just when we think it can’t be expanded anymore he stretches it even further.

  • Marie

    Hi there…came by from The Things I Can’t Say Wednesday meme…I’m your newest follower.

    I don’t have any kids of my own, but I’m sure that when you look into your precious little bundle’s eyes, all the fears will go away.

    Good luck and God Bless.

    The Things We Find Inside

  • I had such fears with all three of my children. Not all of them disappeared the moment they were born, but they did disappear. Beautiful post…
    Sarah recently posted..30 Days of Truth – Day 3

    • I didn’t really have this fear w/my 1st, because I was so young and just thought about baby clothes and the cuteness of it all lol. BOY WAS I SHOCKED when he actually came.

      With Ella I was petrified… I think even more than I am right now. I honestly didn’t think I would love her at all. And I know that this will disappear ~ it’s just so hard to imagine.

  • purseblogger

    I had those fears too and they do go away as soon as you see your baby. You are a great mom girl and things will fall into place when your new one arrives. It will be like not remembering what life was like before. xoxo

    • Isn’t it funny how that happens?! I can’t really remember life w/out Ella. It’s like she fit right in, things felt the way they were supposed to and live felt complete. I’m excited to see that happen this time around again.

  • Such an exciting time for you all! I think the biggest adjustment is realizing you are out numbered. 😉 But once she is here you won’t remember a time when she wasn’t.

  • Wonderful post… your love for your children is wonderful!

  • I worried about the same thing when I was pregnant with Abby… I was sure that there was no way that I could love her as much as I loved Noah. I think that your heart grows with each child so that there is just as much room for the next one as there was for the others.

    I couldn’t imagine my life without Abby and I love her just as much as I love her older brother.
    Michaela recently posted..Wordless-ful Wednesday – My brother

    • Isn’t it amazing how our heart somehow expand? I’m glad I’m not alone in the way I feel. Sometimes I feel bad, but I guess all mamas go through this. I definitely love her already… it’s just hard to imagine that unimaginable love that we have for our children.

  • I think that the fact that you are even concerned shows how much love you have. You are already thinking of this beautiful gift with concern which says that you’re a great mom! By the way, I love Ella’s name, it’s a name that I have picked out if I have a daughter, it was my great grandmother’s name as well as my husband’s grandmother’s name. :)
    Sarah recently posted..GTKY Sunday

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