Aliyah’s First Tanning Bed


I’m sitting in the hospital with little miss Aliyah and can’t connect my computer to the Wifi and thought to myself ~ what a perfect time to try to blog from my DROID.

Aliyah was born with something called Coombs. The word made me squeemish and wonder what the %*#! But once the doctor explained it a little more I relaxed. Aliyah has the blood type of A+ and I have the blood type of O- so basically my blood was attacking her blood, which makes her belirubin levels high.  For the first few days of her life the levels weren’t alarmingly high, but as of yesterday they were.  She was looking a little too yellow and after getting her blood tested it was decided she needed to be admitted into the hospital and spend some time under lights.

It’s really been uneventful, she spends most of her time in the incubator and comes out every 2 hours to eat and get snuggles from her mama.

I just can’t get enough of this baby girl and feel so happy and so blessed to have her in our family.  She’s such a good baby so far!  She loves to just snuggle into me and I just love to breathe her in.  I look at her and am in complete awe at how she’s mine, and she’s Gino’s, and she looks equally like her brother and her sister ~ she’s a new little puzzle piece to our beautiful family.  I’m still on a cloud 9 high over her.

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