6 Weeks of Bliss

Dear Aliyah,

You’re 6 weeks today. It’s happening, you know… when I blink and you start growing.  You’re not even looking “new born” in your face anymore.  Your little body says something differently though.  Your little body is the one thing I still can say is like a newborn.

3 days ago you were weighed and you were only 8.1lbs.  That’s itty bitty still!

You’re spoiled…. already.  You know when you’re not being held and how to spit your pacifier out and make yourself cry in ways I didn’t know a little 8lber knew how.  The SECOND that you are picked up, you compose yourself and are completely fine.  Oh, and did I mention that we fall for it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

You have a love for your dad already that is mind blowing.  You actually coo at him and give him more smiles than me.  Speaking of first smiles, yours was on January 2nd.  For some reason you’re my little scowler though; you’d rather scowl at us then smile.  You actually rarely smile.  BUT your face makes us all smile!

I realized it was your 6 week birthday and grabbed the camera to snap a couple pictures

Have I mentioned that this little face has a way of melting me to the very core?

And in this picture I can actually see a resemblance to my family ~ can you believe it?!

I still don’t even mind when you wake me up in the middle of the night

BUT when trying to take pictures of a little baby girl, you can be sure that the older sister is going to have to get in on this action!

The two of you together = PURE, RAW, AMAZING BEAUTY!

She has to hold you literally ALL THE TIME. I’m happy you’re not so floppy and fragile {well, you still are just not as much as in the beginning} because I feel a bit better about putting you into her oh so loving hands.

When she hugs you like this, with her eyes closed, it’s like she’s soaking you up into her heart.

And when she kisses you on your cheek, it makes me want to just grab you both and hug you tight and close eyes and soak you both in.

And when I attempt to take you from your big sister, this is the look I get.

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