I hate….

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of my in-laws.

I hate the drama that comes along with them.

I hate how they are always assuming I’m thinking one way, when they have no idea how I think or feel.

I hate how there’s always tension when they’re around.

I hate how I will never have the respect for them that I should have.

I hate how we will never be this happy, close family. Because even when I open my heart up, they find a way to get me to slam it shut towards them.

And I hate how my husband’s father just found out he has cancer.

What do you do when someone who no matter what doesn’t like you? My entire 10 years with my husband his family has had this attitude towards me like I think I’m too good for them. I don’t think this. My only issues are that they don’t put my children as a priority in their lives, and now look…. my kids’ grandpa could possibly be dying. My children love my in-laws…. LOVE THEM. I’ve never ONCE intended to EVER keep my children from them, but they think I always have this motive. They are the ones that put them on the back burner.

I hate having conditional family. I hate that if I speak up for myself I’m hated.

But even more so, I hate that my husband’s father is sick.

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