Reflection ~ Personal Development

As I was walking into a building I caught a glimpse of myself.  My reflection showed me what other people see.  A girl toting around 2 children with a baby strapped to her chest.

I saw myself as a mother.  Something I know I am, but don’t literally “see” very often.

I liked what I saw.  I felt this over powering feeling of peace in my soul.

I loved what I saw.

It prompted me to reflect on where I am now and where I expected myself to be.

I was supposed to be the executive girl.  I was supposed to work and NEVER be a stay at home mom.  I was supposed to have two kids tops.  And here I am…..

A full time college student at the age of 28, a stay at home mom of 3 and happier than I think I’ve ever been in my entire life.

When I saw my reflection I saw a person I am proud to be.  And it made me reflect on my post I wrote a year ago today on {Personal Development}.  I think that I could have definitely done more on my personal development, but I am proud to say that I have grown leaps and bounds this past year.  I’m becoming much more happier with who I am and who I am growing into.

With this being said, I would like to continue on this journey that I started last year. I am dedicating this year to another beautiful year of personal development. Below is the same blueprint I mapped out for myself last year. Why fix something that isn’t broken, right?


~ Read at least 10 pages of motivational reading EVERY DAY
~ Plan out my days…. do not wing it!
~ Spend 20 minutes every day silencing my mind
~ Scripture reading every day
~ Avoid any and all negativity! Gossip, downers, complainers… you get the point.


~ Ensure that my family goes to church EVERY SUNDAY
~ Preplan and have Family Home Evening EVERY MONDAY
~ Make sure that I set time aside that is ONLY for the kids
~ Make sure that I set time aside that is ONLY for my husband
~ Make sure that I set time aside that is ONLY for us as a family

The above is simple, little things that will help with my Personal Growth. There’s a reason for each item I listed. They’re not resolutions… they’re a blueprint for me to reflect throughout the year how I can continue on my personal growth.

I hope that I can inspire my readers to embark on focusing a little more on themselves. We all have room to grow, and through focusing on personal development we can do just that. On Mondays I will be focusing my Motivating Monday on sharing things that will inspire you in regards to personal development.

Happy New Years to my readers, I appreciate every visit you make to my blog…. whether you comment or not. I hope that in some way this past year I have inspired you in some way. I hope that the positivity I try to convey here has brightened your days. I hope to see you back throughout this next year and I hope that 2011 is everything you wish for.

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