Let’s be real here –

I’m LDS.

I was born into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints {Mormon}.

But I didn’t go to church all my life.

In fact church is rather new to me. Within the past few years new.

I have to come out and talk about a few things that really bother me. Things I keep to myself, or share with my husband.

But I’m disappointed.

I’m disappointed because this church is supposed to signify something so much more. Let me scratch that and start over…. THE PEOPLE in this church are supposed to signify something so much more. I know we’re not all perfect, which is why we all go to church. But GOSH! Why do some Mormons have to act like they are so much better than you? Yes, even as a member of this church I get that.

I just want to tell you that if you have ever been curious about the church and have been turned off by a holier than thou member – they’re not supposed to act like that. They are no better than you just because they are going to church and you are not…. or because they are going to THAT church and you are not. Trust me… Jesus sure wouldn’t be patting them on the back for treating you like that.

Don’t get me wrong…. I’m very much LDS ~ my whole heart believes in everything it stands for, but sometimes….. sometimes…. the people just have a way of ruining it for me.

I have to remember ~ it’s about the church and not the people.

It’s times like this that I wish that my blog was anonymous. That’s a mistake I think I made when I went public with it, because there are many things I wish I could come on here and talk about ~ stories that you would spit whatever it is that you’re drinking at your computer screen, because it is seriously THAT FLIPPING FUNNY.

But…. there are many people that would be offended….. people in real life. And my grandpa totally reads this blog… he might not enjoy reading about the fact that my 3 year old found my “fun bag” and started wearing certain things as bracelets. And she got into it TWICE in 1 day. Yes… I gotta get with the program and hide stuff here!

Maybe I should just be ME more on here. Recreating an entire blog just to be anonymous makes my butt pucker at the very thought. And then I might get a face like this –

and can I just add…. there’s really not THAT many members of the church that act like this – I am blessed to have met some amazing friends through my church. And it’s everywhere – I talk to life long members that have gone to church their ENTIRE LIVES and even they get the attitude of these few members who think they are the $H**& – sucks that their egos or whatever have to exist, but apparently they have demons of their own they have to sort through.

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  • purseblogger

    Girl, I so understand. I have to remind myself at times as well that it’s the people, not the church, in so many issues. I am sure each religion has people like this too. But, I so know what you mean. It’s really hard to deal with people like this. I so get it. xoxo

  • Oh I totally know what you mean Amanda. I have some people like that in my ward and it really gets to me. I try not to let it bother me though. It can be so frustrating.

  • I feel ya totally. Even in my small church where most people are so real and so wonderful, I still sometimes feel sort of inadequate as a Christian.
    My blog is not anonymous, but not too many “IRL” people know about it and I like it that way. My parents don’t even have a computer, so I’m all good there!
    My daughter found my fun drawer once – and I blogged about it! LOL
    dysfunctional mom recently posted..A Moving Story

  • There are always going to be people like that- our pastor says that the only difference between Christians(I’m not LDS) and everyone else is that we’re saved. But, aside from that, we’re all still screwed up. LOL

  • It is about the faith – not the people. We all of us – ALL OF US – have given God’s reputation a black eye on occasion. Judgy-ness is an ugly thing. God is not. I heart your spirit. I think you are obviously such a good mom – and your faith – I think God appreciates that. God bless you Amanda. God Bless.

    P.S. I’m not LDS – these people are in every church – every denomination.

  • Sammy

    The really nice thing about kids, is that they weed the assholes out of your life. I’m sorry that you got involved with people who just can’t be real and upfront. You have changed a lot since the last time I saw your gorgeous face, but what has not changed and what I love about you most, is your ability to be real. To be able to say how you really feel, and when you have been hurt or upset by something. Too many people make apologies for their live, their words, themselves, for whatever, but you do not. I love that about you and wish that more people had the ability to just come out and say what is on their mind. Children should never be punished for the adults’ inability to get along. Children love unconditionally (unless its my kid who only loves you if you let him play Game Cube LOL), and their experience in life will only become more difficult when the grown ups in their life can’t put their petty differences aside and allow them to enjoy each other. These people not only punished Ella, but they also punished their own children, and will never understand just what was wrong with their decisions.
    I love you lots, I swear to God I’m getting up to Oregon this year, I have to meet Miss Aaliyah, and I just want to go have a coffee with you at Starbucks alone, and just get some of that good Amanda vibe that I miss so much. I think between Jayden & Zoe, Gino would have no problem with the little ones. Mason would just adore him.
    Love you lots and lots, wishing you happy thoughts and you know what? You’re better off without them.

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