I’m FASHIONABLY Late! Ultimate BLOG Party!!

I’ve had this whole post envisioned in my brain to do for the Ultimate Blog Party – because, come on! The Ultimate Blog Party post has got to be THE post….

But, my dear new friends, the post I envisioned isn’t happening. Because that’s life! It’s havoc and while it might be enchanting havoc….. at moments it’s definitely HAVOC.

So while I wanted to invite you in to grab a warm cup of goodness or a nice cold class of bubbly somethin somethin while you went on a guided tour around my blog, I’m gonna say – no major guided tour. Just a few little things about me –

I am mom with a camera.

I am a mom with a 9 year old boy who loves to tap dance.

I am a mom of a 3 year old diva whose favorite movie is Grease {gotta love her!} and loves to sing in the mirror. 

I am the mom of a 4 month old scrumptious baby girl that I just can’t kiss enough!

I am a special needs mom. My son has Sensory Processing Disorder along with ADHD and pragmatic language disorder. But he’s the sweetest dang thing that I’ve ever seen. My daughter has wolf parkinson white syndrome {a heart condition that puts her into SVT – if you’ve heard of Stellen basically she’s like him…. just controlled with meds} – She’s almost died. Twice. There actually was a moment in my life where I thought my daughter was dead.  The feeling I felt at that moment has forever changed who I am inside, and how I live my life.

I am PROUD to say that I am a new homeschoolin’ mama!!!!  And thank goodness I have the blog world to grab my hand and lead me down this new awesome journey!!

I am a positive inspirational JUNKIE!!!! I have a way of finally being able to see the sunny side of every situation….. even the really dark ones. Normally when I’m with it – haven’t been lately – I host an inspirational carnival on Mondays. It’s called Just a Motivating Monday. I usually do a post on positive thinking or ways to make you feel good inside and put a linkup for others to join in. If one of my posts helps one person…. EVER…. then my Motivating Mondays have served its purpose.

A little about my love of blogging:

There’s a whole lot of blogs out there…. so many that sometimes I feel overwhelmed and saddened that I can’t go and read them all. Blogging to me has shown me basically into the souls of some amazing people. I say people, because the dad blogs out there RAWK! I’ve found that I’m not alone in so many of life’s events that I go through, and reading others’ experiences helps me to grow from and understand mine. I have discovered my love for photography through blogging. I have found my little corner in this extremely huge blogoverse and poured my heart out. I’ve let strangers into my heart that I’ve never talked to, never met, yet have turned them into friends.

Blogging is a part of me.

~ Thank you for stopping by ~

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