Oh she rocks my world!

We’ve definitely been soaking up the summer days lately. Water parks, swimming almost every day, and lots of trips to California. But it’s the little moments that have really made their impressions on me.  You can’t beat little chunky babies picking weed daisies in the park.  Have I ever mentioned that daisies are my favorite flower? I probably could have saved a heck of a lot of money at my wedding had I just gone out and got some daisies for my bouquet.

Ella joined dance class. She’s gone twice now, and as I watch her I’m absolutely floored at the talent this girl holds within her. She picks up on the moves so easily – she feels the rhythm in ways I haven’t seen many 4 year old girls feel, at least not within their first class. I have to tell you that this absolutely excites me to no end, because she’s just so beautiful and I’ve always had these major dreams of her being a dancer…. at this point it’s looking up. Now I just have to pray that it’s something she always wants for herself as well.

And can you say admirer? Aliyah definitely loves and looks up to her big sissy! These kids never have a dull, lonely moment…. because they have each other.

She’s doing this new thing lately – where she does this tone in her voice that I wish I could pin point with words and explain. In a small little sea shell – it’s her KNOWING what she’s talking about, but having an unsure tone – almost ending her statement in a question. It just screams GROWING UP! Oh my gosh but I can’t tell you all enough how much I adore, love, cherish, and treasure the little girl that she’s turning into. She’s strong. She’s independent. She’s everything I ever imagined my daughter being…. and I am blessed to be able to be a part of her world. I don’t think God could have given me a more challenging and rewarding soul.

Ella, you rock my world, girl – this picture above is you agreeing to wear the princess dress to the princess tea party for your dear friend Chloe, but demanding the skinny jeans also. You are definitely your mother’s daughter…. and thank goodness you have my personality since your looks scream “clone of your father.” I love you, little diva.

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