That’s the point of faith

I’m preparing myself for my church’s semi-annual conference this weekend.  I think we live in some pretty amazing times to have a prophet living on our earth and Heavenly Father speaking through him.  I absolutely love my church and feel so blessed to be a part of it. I have been spending a lot more time than usual studying my scriptures, praying for understanding, and really feeling strong things within me.

I’m a girl that struggles with faith.  I like the seen and not the unseen, and things need to make perfect sense to me.  I sometimes will pick things apart and think to myself…. ‘Really?’ If there were a God would he really expect us to walk so blindly in this life trying to find Him?  Yes, things like this absolutely enter my mind…. and a lot!  But, I can’t shake the feeling in my soul when I am sitting at church, or when my children do something that makes me feel so blessed to be their mother.  It all boils down to love with me….. I just don’t see how there could be love with no God.  So, I have to walk in this life grasping to the wonderful things that God has put on this earth to help guide us back to Him.  I have to realize that it might not all make sense, and I might not be able to wrap my head around it all – but that’s the point of faith.

I’m searching for balance in my life.  I have what I would call an ideal life with a borderline perfect husband and three kids that make me who I am and who I strive daily to be; three kids I couldn’t imagine my life without.  I have a passion in art and creating and growing and being and life – a passion that hasn’t always been there.  I have school for myself and my children and it is very time consuming….. and then there’s a household to run.  Not to mention…. being a MOM.  I think I struggle with living in the moment and putting my full attention to whatever I’m doing.  If I’m working on homework I feel guilty that I’m not with the kids, if I’m with the kids I feel guilty about homework…. it’s something that I need to work on.  I need to allocate my time better and only have certain times for art, certain times for homeschool, certain times for my homework and so forth…. I need balance.

The creative bug has been soaring inside of me lately, and I’ve just been trying to go with it.  I want to create a coffee table book of all of my art pieces I work on.  If you haven’t checked out my {etsy shop} yet, that’s where they’ll be for sale.  I’m using art to speak the quotes that I love and feel are important.  I love words.  I love words so much, because they’re such a powerful force in our lives – in ourselves, in our relationships – almost in every aspect of our lives…. words touch all.  Words are my inspiration in just about everything.

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