Don’t really have the words lately….

I got to a point with my little internet corner that I needed to get away from it.  It really wasn’t mine, and it felt wrong.  It never should feel that way, but when you have people merely coming to pick your posts apart, that’s sortof how it goes.

I’m hoping that my long {very long} blog break has given the people who aren’t really here to read the words I have to say and see how my family is doing a break of even thinking about dissecting my words….. hopefully they’re all gone for good!

SO I’m back.  I have no guarantee on my blogging schedule, or if I’ll even bring back Just a Motivating Monday, but I’m back.

I had this absolutely delicious break from school that I took the opportunity to read…. and read…. and read…. and READ!  I’ll have a blog post coming out on some of the amazing books I have been reading lately.  For those of you who have been googling What to read after Beautiful Disaster, I promise you’ll be happy.

I’ve been feeling at such a lost for words, which is weird to me – I have so much going on through my mind and heart, but trying to voice it all…. even through typing here is difficult.  I don’t know what’s going on with me here, but I think that also has something to do with me not updating my blog as often as I used to.  I used to be able to voice what I’m thinking, what I’m feeling – but right now it’s stuck.

So I’m okay – I’m alive, my kids are okay and alive.

And I have glasses.  SEE…..

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