doTERRA with Autism, ADD & ADHD

In January of 2011 my 9 year old son (at the time) was diagnosed with Semantic Pragmatic Language Disorder, a Written communication disability, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD and according to CDRC he is “almost” on the autism spectrum…… according to the school district he IS on the Autism spectrum. 

If you have a child who has any of these conditions, you know how difficult even the littlest things can be.  You know that getting them to focus when they have ADHD is almost downright impossible and usually the only thing that will help this is medication (which I refuse to put him on).  When you have a child that is either Autistic or on the Autism spectrum normal day life can be EXTREMELY difficult.  I really haven’t had a lot of support with Jayden and all of his issues….. his insurance SUCKS and I can’t even get the occupational therapy that I need for him.  I don’t want him on medications, because I know the side effects – and I hate that.  SO when my friend came over to help me with a sore throat with essential oils, because sadly my entire family is insured, but it’s outrageous to insure me, I was BLOWN AWAY that it actually worked….. I have an entire blog post dedicated to this experience, which you can read {HERE} The fact that this oil worked got my brain working and wondering…. WHAT ELSE CAN THIS NATURAL WONDER DO????

So I researched and researched and became more and more and more astonished with the things I was reading and I finally just went for it and dived into the world of essential oils…. and my results are RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING.

I have 2 other posts that I’ve written so far regarding these the first one is linked above and the other one talks about what comes in the Family Physician Kit which you can read {HERE}

THIS post is strictly about what I’m using and what results I’m having in regards to Jayden’s conditions.  I’m going to list the essential oils I use, describe what they’re for, link to their description on and describe where and how I use each oil.  THEN at the end of the post I’ll link you to the different experiences and testimonials for Autism & ADD/ADHD.


This blend brings a feeling of calmness, peace, and relaxation. It can aid in harmonizing the various physiological systems of the body and promote tranquility and a sense of balance. (Modern Essentials pp. 78)  If you watch the video in my first blog post regarding doTERRA you will be blown away by a study they did on this essential oil.  You can read more about this oil {HERE} I put Balance on my entire family before I put ANY oils.  This oil is AMAZING.  I put it first on the feet, then on the temples, using right fingers to left temple and left fingers to right temple.


Vetiver is a very thick oil, but the effects it has on FOCUS is astounding!!!  You can read more about this oil {HERE}


This relaxing blend contains essential oils that are often used to help calm and soothe feelings of stress, excitement, and anxiety in order to help the body maintain its natural state of health. (Modern Essential pp. 85)  You can read more about Serenity {HERE}


Serenity is my life savor in life.  I use this on my and my children all throughout the day.  If your child is having a meltdown I will put this oil on their feet (a foot massage before bed will give them an AMAZING night’s sleep) all around the neck and up the throat will help in times of distress.  For my morning ritual this goes on the feet!!


FOR ALL OILS MENTIONED ABOVE: They always go on the feet!  Our feet hold most major nerve endings and have the largest pores.  Did you know that when you put an oil on topically (applying to the skin) that it takes 30 seconds to get into the blood stream?  I always start with Balance, then I put Vetiver on, then Serenity.  For Balance, you should also put the oil on their right finger and help them apply it to their left temple – then the same w/left finger to right temple.  Vetiver is also good to put behind the knees, and on the spine.  Serenity is amazing on and around their kneck. <——– THAT is our morning routine.  This routine is helping with his ADHD and I’m noticing him a bit more social than normal.



Meldowns happen – in fact yesterday, my son had an absolute meltdown over math.  He wasn’t grasping the concept which upset him and that ended up in a meltdown.  I put Balance and Serenity on and around his neck, and off he went to have his meltdown.  About 7 minutes later he came down with a much better attitude, and said okay I’m better and ready to listen.  I don’t know about YOU, but this doesn’t happen….. his meltdowns go on and on and on and on and the minute one goes down you can forget getting any of his school work done.  (We homeschool)


Another great way to use these oils is diffuse them into the air, having them inhale them has very powerful results! Of course at school they can’t always have their oils with them so you could actually put a certain oil on a terracotta necklace and they will be able to inhale it throughout the day.  Vetiver would be great to do this with for focus.


I know that I’m going to discover so many more things that are going to help us, and through our journey I will update my blog.

To read more on what is working for other people with doTERRA oils with Autism click {HERE} and for ADD/ADHD click {HERE}


I don’t even know where to begin on describing how good it feels inside to be able to be empowered to help my son.  Watching him feel more confident in himself and more focused with school – there are no words.  

For more information on doTERRA oils, please read {HERE} for all the information you’ll need

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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  • Sandie


  • This is truly amazing. I am a new Independent Product Consultant for doTERRA. I started using the oils about three months ago and am also excited about all the health benefits my husband and I receive from them. I am excited to share your website with others.

  • Thought I would let you know that I linked this post on my page for my blog. I’ll link it to my blog later today too. I use Heritage Essential Oils primarily, but have a few doTerra as well. Thanks for the post! LOVE learning about oils!
    Grace recently posted..Are we done yet?

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