Essential what?! A post on doTERRA oils–or should I say magical oils?!

There was a time that I had all of this TIME to spend here on my blog writing about all of the different happenings in our lives – all of my different feelings I have on so many different aspects of my life – but then I just didn’t really have the time anymore.  School takes a LOT of time of mine – the more I get closer to my degree, the harder the work becomes.

I had to take a break though and come and talk to all of you about something that is ABSOLUTELY changing my life.  It’s hard for me to even know where to begin, so I guess I’ll just start at the beginning…..

I had this HORRIBLE sore throat – you know, the ones that usually require a strep test and an antibiotic of some sort from a doctor….. well, guess what – to add me onto my husband’s insurance it’s going to cost us a fortune.  So here I sit – my entire family insured except for me.  A VERY close and amazing friend of mine recently has discovered essential oils and their many different uses, but I have not taken the time to sit and listen to her.  Honestly because in my head it’s crap. I’m not gonna lie – essential oils being able to basically solve all of these medical problems???? Whatever!  Let me just say this – when you are miserable and don’t want to have hundreds of dollars in freaking medical bills you call your friend who now is using weird natural stuff, because WHAT THE HECK ELSE ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO?!

That sore throat that I mentioned above, that had some puss pockets and was so swollen that I could hardly swallow – was gone by the next morning.  GONE.  So what did I do???? Um start thinking of all of the other things that these oils could possibly help in my life – first and foremost, Jayden’s ADHD and autism characteristics.  I got together with my friend and decided on the best plan of action for our family.  Jayden has been using these oils along with all of the members of our family and our lives are forever changed.  Not only do we see a HUGE difference in Jayden, but we see major differences in ourselves.  I have SO much more patience as does Gino.  We have a magical little oil called Serenity that calms our children AND my nephew… his daycare provider and mom are both shocked at how much more in control he is now that he’s using this oil.

There is seriously SO much information on these oils, but I still am so new and still figuring out so much that I don’t have all of the answers, but I can tell you that everything I’ve attempted to use the oils on has 110% worked.  Aliyah had an extremely infected thumb with a nail falling off and the infection that was on it is GONE…. GONE GONE GONE.  This morning I woke up in Sacramento with a MISERABLE bladder infection.  I could not pee for the life of me – and I just felt miserable just like I do with every other bladder infection I’ve ever had.  After about 30 minutes of my misery it dawned on me to use the oils!  I called my amazing friend who introduced them to me and after she helped me to figure out which oils to use and where I did it – 10 minutes later, I peed and have spent the entire rest of the day (including my 5 hour trip home) FINE.  I have NEVER had this experience with a bladder infection.

Basically let me just tell you this – when I decided to start using these oils I chose to purchase a kit that would not only give me the oils that I was looking for (including an amazing weight loss oil with HUGE success results) but would also give me the the wholesale membership, but allow me to make money by sharing these oils with others.  Honestly – I could care a less about the money….. it’s nice of course, but discovering something that can help my children and the people I love so much means more to me than ANYTHING.  Today I gave my mom the oils that are said to help with fybromyalgia, and they are already helping her!  My mom has not been able to find relief in anything!  Knowing that I can go around and help others with symptoms that they have for various things is HUGE for me!  It’s nice to know that the company doTERRA makes it absolutely so convenient to not only be able to take these oils, but save $ and make $ in the process.  I had ZERO intention on making money when I bought my kit, but since I’ve received it and talked about, I have had so many friends and family come to me, because they NEED this in their lives- it’s the first direct sales company I’ve ever been a part of where you don’t have to go and try to sell your product – you just share with your friends and family in a time of need and the rest just flows with it.

This story is SO touching – it’s about a little girl who has so many seizures, she’s literally drugged to the point that she can’t function…. and she’s 2!!!!!  This story talks about how she went from being drugged out on a ton of medications to being off drugs and on essential oils and finally able to live life the way every 2 year old should.

This video talks about different oils and what they can do for you – it’s long, but definitely worth it!!!  I couldn’t sit through the entire thing personally, so I broke it up into 3 different sessions at about 20 minutes each.  They do talk about a special at the end of the webinar that is no longer effective – but all of the information in this is so informative I needed to share it with you.

2.27.12 New Year New You Webinar Replay from Build doTERRA on Vimeo.

I would LOVE to try and help you with any issues you might be having.  Anything from fevers to autism I can find something to help you. My anxiety and ADD issues are pretty much non existent right now, which is NOT FREAKING NORMAL for me!   You can leave a comment here or email me at amandagaribay {@} yahoo {dot) com and I will happily steer you in the right direction on how these oils can work magically for you.

If you simply want to just do a search on your condition you can do so here and then you can find the oils here

5 comments to Essential what?! A post on doTERRA oils–or should I say magical oils?!

  • Sandie

    I feel so honored to be your friend and I am so stinkin happy when I find people receptive especially like you, who are just like me and thought it was weird and figured out how amazing cool they really are! I love you so much my sister! I love that we are going to bless, help and touch so many peoples lives and become financially wealthy helping our families have financial freedom at the same time!!

  • happy for you Amanda, really happy. I’ve had insomnia for 15 years – haven’t slept more than a three-hour stretch in all that time – I wake from 5 to 40 times a night – there doesn’t seem to be a cure – but unlike you – until I see, sometimes I don’t believe. I need to be more open about these things. God bless you Amanda.

  • Sandy Peterson

    Just wondering if that picture with the globe and it saying doTERRA, Gift of the Earth is your picture? I would like to use it but am searching for who to get permission from? Can you please let me know? I would appreciate it. Do you know what the rules are for using the doterra images that are found on Google? Just wondering.

  • Emily

    Hello I read about doTERRA it sounds wonderful. I would like to try them. I was eondering if there anything like homeopathics. Were for whatever symptom you are having you go bassed off that remadi according to if it fits like you are tired head ache and tummy ach all at knce. Are these oils anything like that? If they are i would like to try some for my mom and maybe mu kids. I know for myself i have knee pain swelling of the knee, back pain from scolipcis(sp?) And horrible pain from my ear i get horrible chronic ear infections. Let me know as much info as you can please. These oils sound awesome. I heard about these oiks from my friend Kari Alford.

  • Mary

    what oils are using for ADD and ADHD?

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