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I haven’t been blogging much lately – life has been exciting! I’ve been writing a novel, preparing for a new baby due in June, and have been sharing my new love of doTERRA essential oils.

A little over a year ago I started using the oils for any ailments that happened in our home, then started using them to help my son with his ADD and Autism. This past year and a couple of months we have been able to help with allergies, anxiety, RSV, bladder infections, ADD, prevent the flu and other illnesses our family has continually been exposed to, sleep issues, ear infections, weight loss, pain from a hiatal hernia, acid reflex, I could go on and on and on. We have yet to use an oil and not have it help.

Ever since we started using doTERRA, we naturally started sharing the oils with other people. It’s hard not to, when you have something NATURAL that works. I personally believe that every single home should have a family physician kit. To be able to help someone in your home without having to run to a doctor’s office to have them mask your symptoms and not care about what is causing them is empowering. I can tell you that when my daughter woke up in the middle of the night screaming with an ear ache being able to avoid running to the hospital and not only making her feel better quickly, but the ear infection completely going away without antibiotics was VERY eye opening to me.

My mission in life right now is to educate people; educate them on a better option out there for them. In the past year I’ve been able to personally help so many families be able to implement doTERRA in their homes, they in turn have done the same. Together, we all have put doTERRA in 127 homes in a short year. Amazing.

So why doTERRA? Why not an essential oil from the local health food store? doTERRA is the highest of the highest quality that you can imagine when it comes to essential oils. doTERRA not only goes to the place where the oil is grown at its best, where it is indigenous from to extract it. Example – our lemon comes from Italy, our lavender from France, our Frankincense comes from Oman. BUT it uses an external source not affiliated with doTERRA to run 7 different tests on the oils to make sure that it is the purest of the purest {higher quality than organic}, they ensure that there is NO outside sources affecting the oil. They deem this as certified pure therapeutic grade….they are so pure that you can actually ingest them. THAT is why I choose doTERRA. I trust these oils with my children; in my children.

I’m going to start doing some more frequent blog posts here addressing specific things to help have a spot for everyone who I work with to go to and learn.

I’m also feeling like giving away an Intro to Oils kit. This kit has 3 of my favorite oils that doTERRA has to offer. There is SO much that you can do with lemon, lavender & peppermint….this is a great way for you to experience doTERRA for the first time. This is a list of 101 things you can do with this kit

So enter! Spread the word and please come back and learn more as I continue to share these oils with you.

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