Project Life – 2013 Week 29

Pictures give me anxiety…

absolute anxiety.

I take them…I take a lot of them, but then I do NOTHING with them. They sit on my computer, get shared on facebook & instagram and don’t even get printed to be put up in my home. AND I’M A PHOTOGRAPHER! Such a situation.

I’ve been searching for a way to start recording our family memories without feeling like I have to do a million scrapbook layouts. SO I came across Project Life. I’m addicted. Absolutely addicted. I feel like I have an answer to my prayers with this. The paper way of Project Life seems amazing and beautiful and SO much fun. BUT I’m a technology girl, and things are easier for me if I can do them on my computer….so I’m doing Digital Project Life. I haven’t decided if I’m going to order a Project Life binder and just stick my 12×12 layouts in a page protector or if I’ll just order a hardcover book of the year. For those of you who do digital I’d love to know your thoughts on this.

I decided to start with the current week which was from 7/15-7/21 {Week 29} and I’ll just continue to go forward while I start going backwards as well and eventually will be totally caught up with 2013. Once that happens I’ll start tackling prior years.

Here is my first Project Life layout ever.

Week29 Layout




You can learn more about Project Life {HERE}

2 comments to Project Life – 2013 Week 29

  • Loving your first pages. I am enjoying PL in paper for the first time this year. I will follow your pages to see how you decide to print them as I would also love to give Digital a go.

    • Tracey, thank you so much!!! I really do enjoy doing it digitally. The paper way is so beautiful, but it’s so hard for me to have to pull everything out. It’s nice to just jump on the computer then save and exit if the kids need me.

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