Aliyah is 1 month!

One month….

Towards the end of my pregnancy the days would drag and I felt so anxious inside to meet my beautiful little Aliyah.  Now that she’s here, the weeks are flying by and she’s getting older and older and now *gasp* my newborn is a month old.

In the past month she’s been . . . → Read More: Aliyah is 1 month!


Tonight I caught my girls looking quite delightful like this…………

and while snapping that picture, eyes closed and the quietness of our night began………

and my heart had the most peaceful feeling overcome it. These girls will always have each other. These girls will always be sisters, and . . . → Read More: Sisters

Effecting my other babies

Today is 2 weeks & 5 days of us being a family of 5.  I don’t think it’s been going extremely fast as I feel like Aliyah has been here with us a lot longer than that.  But she hasn’t and I’m sitting back and realizing how different things actually are.

. . . → Read More: Effecting my other babies

Aliyah’s First Tanning Bed

I’m sitting in the hospital with little miss Aliyah and can’t connect my computer to the Wifi and thought to myself ~ what a perfect time to try to blog from my DROID.

Aliyah was born with something called Coombs. The word made me squeemish and wonder what the %*#! But once the . . . → Read More: Aliyah’s First Tanning Bed

Newborn Heaven

Just a little peak at all the fun I’m having with Aliyah and my camera.

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