Oh, Fifty, Fifty, Fifty

*DISCLAIMER: IF YOU ARE A GRANDPARENT OF MINE YOU MIGHT AS WELL JUST SKIP THIS ENTIRE POST – I guess grandparents and any LDS readers of mine that are easily offended by the subject of SEX and bleeped out words*

I almost don’t even . . . → Read More: Oh, Fifty, Fifty, Fifty

Flat-Out Love

I’m adding a new little addition to Enchanting Havoc. I LOVE Goodreads and think it’s amazing that after I write a review about a book over there that it gives me the html to post it over on my blog. SO – you all get the exciting reviews that I’m going to be doing . . . → Read More: Flat-Out Love

Beautiful Disaster…. OMGoodness!!!!!!

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I don’t even know where to possibly begin with this book. There are so many emotions that have gone through me from when I first started this book to days after I finished.

Travis is hands down the man of my book dreams. . . . → Read More: Beautiful Disaster…. OMGoodness!!!!!!

Just a Motivating Monday

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I LOVE inspiring things to motivate me and I thought what better of a day to read inspiration than on dreadful Mondays. If you would like to write something you think will inspire or motivate others PLEASE link up!! I’d love to read your words and . . . → Read More: Just a Motivating Monday

Just a Motivating Monday – Positivity

Welcome to the 2nd EVER Just a Motivating Monday! If you are just joining us here’s the scoop.

-Write a blog post about ANYTHING at all that inspires you, or something you feel will inspire others.

-Please link back to Garibay Soup

-Please snag my Just a Motivating button on your post.

-I hope . . . → Read More: Just a Motivating Monday – Positivity

Inspiration Works for Me!

What works for me is something that I believe works for everybody. Inspiration. I thrive on it, and am constantly looking for good inspiring things to read and share with others. I’ve started noticing that a lot of the blogs I visit have a way of touching my soul a little more than . . . → Read More: Inspiration Works for Me!

Works for me Wednesday – Summer Learnin’

Welcome to {Works for me Wednesday}!!

Summer time is a great time for kids to start to forget all of the things that they learned throughout the year. That way when school starts back up it takes them a while to get back into the swing of things, because let’s face it at the . . . → Read More: Works for me Wednesday – Summer Learnin’

The Secret… some Saturday inspiration

A couple of years ago I picked up the book The Secret. I couldn’t put it down. I probably finished that book within a day, and started to apply the things that were inside of it to my life. The outcome was phenomenal.

It’s been a couple of years, and I know that I’m . . . → Read More: The Secret… some Saturday inspiration

The Secret Life of Bees

I just closed this book after reading the final page and was compelled to run to my blog to talk about it. What a powerful story. This book was so satisfying and is up there as one of my favorites. If you haven’t read it, I HIGHLY suggest it.Forgiveness. It was mentioned in . . . → Read More: The Secret Life of Bees

I Finished Breaking Dawn

and it was WONDERFUL! The ending was perfect and I’m completely satisfied and okay that it’s over. I didn’t think I’d be able to say that, but it does leave wonderful closure. Of course, I’d love for it to keep going on and on, but that would eventually ruin the whole story. It has . . . → Read More: I Finished Breaking Dawn

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