Some days I tell ya

The potty training with Ella has amazingly been going pretty well. She tells me when she has to pee pee and we go running to her little toilet. I did not expect this AT ALL. I expected her to not understand the concept ~ she’s not even 2!

Today was one of those days . . . → Read More: Some days I tell ya

Spoke Too Soon!

I have the flu horribly today. It was so bad this morning that Jayden didn’t even get to go to school, because I couldn’t drive him. Tonight is the Halloween carnival at church and I’m so upset that I’m not going to get to go.

This sucks!

You had to know a complaint/vent was coming…

The baptism was beautiful and wonderful and everything that I expected, but I can’t hold this in anymore.

My inlaws and my brother were the rudest ever! Gino’s parents held it together through the baptism, and honestly I think my MIL felt the spirit, because it was hard not to. We had such an . . . → Read More: You had to know a complaint/vent was coming…

A Rant…. expect many, many more

God blessed me with 2 beautiful children 6 years apart. Luckily for me I haven’t had to deal with the fighting and bickering between 2 children.

And then God blessed me with the beautiful presence of my brother. I swear I feel like I have 2 sons right now. Here’s my deal. If Jayden . . . → Read More: A Rant…. expect many, many more

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