My Birthday Princess ~ She’s 3!

There’s something I love about this little girl that I can’t even begin to put into words. These past 3 years have been overwhelmingly perfect. The moment that I looked into her eyes I knew that I would love her and she would always be my little friend. I knew that she would fit . . . → Read More: My Birthday Princess ~ She’s 3!

30 Days of Truth ~ Day 3

Something you have to forgive YOURSELF for

I left the medicine without a childproof cap on the counter. 

I left the medicine on the counter that almost took my daughter’s life a little over a year ago on the flipping counter.

Why didn’t I put it up high . . . → Read More: 30 Days of Truth ~ Day 3

and days like this too shall pass

Today I sat in my car and wanted to cry. I had to take a deep breath and tell myself that they’re just kids and unfortunately sometimes this is what kids do. Parenting is the hardest thing besides a marriage. I’m not sure which one is harder, but they’re both pretty dang hard. Parenting . . . → Read More: and days like this too shall pass

My Little Stutterer

I love Shell’s Pour Your Heart Out Wednesdays, because I am one that REALLY loves to pour her heart out on her blog.  This week I’m dealing with something new and heartbreaking so here I go ~ 

A little over a week ago my little girl started to stutter. At first it would . . . → Read More: My Little Stutterer

Ella Got Pretties!

I didn’t get Ella’s ears pierced when she was a baby. I think it’s good to wait until they are old enough to want it themselves, but my husband disagreed with me. He wanted his baby girl to have pretties in her ear. Well, thanks to Ella’s heart condition I got my way…. he . . . → Read More: Ella Got Pretties!

Dear Ella

Please, please, please slow the heck down on the growing up! I can’t believe that if I call you baby you correct me with “I’m not a baby, I’m a girl.” Well, since you replace a majority of letters w/n’s it sounded more like “Girln”You’ve been obsessing lately over your birthday party. It’s . . . → Read More: Dear Ella

She Takes My Breath Away

Spring Love

I took the kids out to do their spring pictures ~ and I’ve completely fallen in love with this one.  It shows their love.  And their love is beautiful.  Their love is perfect.  Their love is unconditional.   I love them.

You can see more pictures from the shoot on my {PHOTO . . . → Read More: Spring Love

You are so beautiful, Sweet Girl

Oh sweet girl you have no clue how much this little face right here kills me.  This little face makes me smile when I am mad, and probably gets you out of a lot of trouble that you should be in. But how could anyone not smile and kiss the heck out of . . . → Read More: You are so beautiful, Sweet Girl

The 3 Princesses

When you add 1 more toddler to the mix things get a bit busy. So busy that I can’t believe that it’s not only been 1 week since I’ve come on my sanctuary, but I also completely forgot about this week’s Just a Motivating Monday. My sweet little Alana is really fitting in . . . → Read More: The 3 Princesses

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