Pour Your Heart Out – Norm’s Passing

This post is a weird one… I didn’t write all I wanted to, and maybe put things in it that I didn’t want to.

When I was 6 a man entered my family’s life that would forever change it. The sad thing is I don’t have the best of memories about him. He . . . → Read More: Pour Your Heart Out – Norm’s Passing

His First Meeting with Bishop

The first part of this post really isn’t my Pour Your Heart Out ~ it’s more towards the end.  I originally didn’t write this post as a Pour Your Heart Out post, but realized that towards the end that’s kinda what I did  

We’ve set the baptism date {this Saturday, 5:00pm LDS . . . → Read More: His First Meeting with Bishop

Precious Alana has left ~ Psycho Blog Stalkers… hope you enjoy!

Hello stalkers welcome to the stalker club, because sadly I have many. And yes, I did know that you people were coming to my blog ~ just like I know that Alana’s brother’s mom is STILL coming here and reading about my life, which is a little creepy.  BUT I really hope you share . . . → Read More: Precious Alana has left ~ Psycho Blog Stalkers… hope you enjoy!

A Scary Night

The prior two blog posts before this one were removed for the majority of today. I wasn’t sure who was reading my blog, and things got extremely CRAZY and scary regarding the situation with my niece Alana that I felt that I had to remove the posts until her fate was secure. My last . . . → Read More: A Scary Night

An Update for my 2nd Glass of Pour your Heart Out

I SERIOUSLY never know what to expect with the situation with my niece and her mother. If you haven’t read {THIS} post yet, you should.  This is an update to my post for 

The original plan was that my niece’s mother was leaving Sacramento yesterday at 7pm to drive 5 hours, in the snow . . . → Read More: An Update for my 2nd Glass of Pour your Heart Out

Pour Your Heart Out – #2

On Wednesday’s Shell {if you click on the image below you will be taken to her awesome blog} has one of my new favorite carnivals ~ and I’m EXTREMELY early in posting this, but tonight was a night that I absolutely had to……..

so if you’re reading this post and would like . . . → Read More: Pour Your Heart Out – #2

Crazy Goodness

This week has been ONE CRAZY WHIRLWIND of a week. But all in a good way. The first thing is my business just took a MAJOR jump this week, and I have just gotta give it to my very, very, very good friends Jen & David for all of their hard work and sticking . . . → Read More: Crazy Goodness

The 3 Princesses

When you add 1 more toddler to the mix things get a bit busy. So busy that I can’t believe that it’s not only been 1 week since I’ve come on my sanctuary, but I also completely forgot about this week’s Just a Motivating Monday. My sweet little Alana is really fitting in . . . → Read More: The 3 Princesses

Valentine’s Day ~ a little peak

Our Valentine’s Day was THE BEST EVER!  I’m gonna do a little rundown here for ya ~ My husband proposed to me 9 years ago – the ring is pretty, but the diamonds are EXTREMELY small and it’s a two toned ring and for some reason my finger breaks out ~ so, I . . . → Read More: Valentine’s Day ~ a little peak

Life, Family & What’s Important

My life has changed A LOT these past couple of months.  Some for the good, some for the bad, but I’m embracing them all.   The good ~ I no longer have a JOB (Just Over Broke) and have gone into business for myself.  I’m on a major life organizing kick, and strangely I . . . → Read More: Life, Family & What’s Important

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