4th Myaversary ~ *Heavy Image*

Yesterday was our 4th Myaversary.  4 years ago yesterday we found out our baby girl was no longer alive inside of me.  Hardest most excruciating pain I’ve ever experienced inside.

I talk about {Mya} often.  She’s not something I’ve pushed under the rug and moved easily on . . . → Read More: 4th Myaversary ~ *Heavy Image*

On a Funny Note….

Last night we were watching this really stupid movie called White Out. I asked Gino if it was taking place in Alaska (because I truly wasn’t paying attention) and he said, yeah… in the arctic, up North. And here’s our conversation… please, laugh with me!ME: Gino, they just said that it is in Antarctica, . . . → Read More: On a Funny Note….

The Whitest Hispanic EVER!

My husband is Hispanic. He’s a nice mixture of Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican. What I’m getting at here is he should not only know Spanish, but he should know how to spell things like…. quesadilla.He had left a status update on his facebook about how he was hungry…. a comment was left telling . . . → Read More: The Whitest Hispanic EVER!

Another Year… Another Decade… Another Recap

This isn’t only the close of another year, but another decade. A decade that for me seem to fly by too quickly. Let’s first do a breakdown on 2009:Recapping on this year that almost seems like a blur, a few things stand out in my mind.

Once again, we almost lost our . . . → Read More: Another Year… Another Decade… Another Recap

Tonight My Heart is Heavy

Life is short. Boy is it ever so short. I talked on my blog a while back about my problems with my IUD and how I was going through hormone testing and the Nurse Practitioner that I was seeing was WONDERFUL. She was so nice, layed back, took the time to hear you out. . . . → Read More: Tonight My Heart is Heavy

I am Simply Blessed

I love it when I find carnivals that has a purpose for something I like to write about. Today I stumbled upon a blog called {Simply Blessed}. The carnival that she hosts is something that I was going to write about today anyways, and this just gave me an idea to spin it off . . . → Read More: I am Simply Blessed

We are a RAIDERS family!

I know, I know, we have a terrible team, but IMO it’s just that we have a terrible owner. I just found this picture while looking through my memory card and I had to put it on here. I love this picture of us! We went on Superbowl Sunday to a house FULL of . . . → Read More: We are a RAIDERS family!

A peek into my heart…. on Father’s Day

Unfortunately, Father’s Day was never an important day for me. I have a dad, but growing up I refused to refer to the man as that. I am now older and have tried to accept him as my father, but continuously don’t feel it in my heart.

My father was 16 when I was . . . → Read More: A peek into my heart…. on Father’s Day

Friday Favorites

Been a while, but I want to get back into this…..

My favorites of this week are as follows:

Jayden finally made it to the dentist for the first time and did AMAZING! My 7 year old doesn’t even have a cavity. I’m so proud of him I highly believe that this is because . . . → Read More: Friday Favorites

I Love My Marriage

Marriage to me is one of the most powerful things on this earth. It is a bond that you form and choose to stick with someone forever. In my case for all eternity. It’s a bond that you can’t break, it’s a bond that you don’t want to break even when it’s the . . . → Read More: I Love My Marriage

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