Nothing but everything to say

She’s not growing up as quickly as the other two did.  I feel as if she’s soaking up her babiness – and I love it.

She’s 5 months already. She started sitting up a few days ago, and eating foods through her meshed little holder {coolest thing I’ve ever seen!}  She’s teething, but I’ve . . . → Read More: Nothing but everything to say

Digitally Organize Your Life with AboutOne {GIVEAWAY!!}

One of my weird guilty pleasures is watching the show Hoarders.  I cringe when it’s over and rush to whatever things I’m hoarding and start throwing it all away.  Well, that is until it

comes to all the paper stuff.  You know, the kids’ artwork, the awards my . . . → Read More: Digitally Organize Your Life with AboutOne {GIVEAWAY!!}

List of Randoms

Randoms ~ things going through my mind

~ I have become completely obsessed with cleaning out my garage. I think about it all day while I’m at work and every box I empty out I seriously feel like doing a happy dance.

~Once the garage is completely cleaned out I . . . → Read More: List of Randoms

Who would’ve thought?!

Who would have thought that in order for me to just get some major things done at my house all I’d need to do is just go and get a JOB! I have no idea what in the world my deal has been at home these past 3 years, but ever since I’ve been . . . → Read More: Who would’ve thought?!

Tackle It Tuesday…. a lovely list of things!

It’s been a while since I jumped in the {Tackle It Tuesday} clan, but I feel like I’ve tackled so much I need to share with the world! 1) I REMODELED MY OWN BLOG!!!!  I thought so many times about hiring someone, because the frustrations were just too much for me, but I . . . → Read More: Tackle It Tuesday…. a lovely list of things!


Today my daughter shocked the pants off of me. The girl just turned two and I watched her saw her do this….. this video is of me telling her to do it again, but she honestly did this EXACT thing on her own…. I’m still in shock! **oh and don’t mind my phone ringing in . . . → Read More: Ella = AWESOMENESS


WOOOOOOOPS!!! I thought that this post was going to automatically post at midnight…. guess I did something wrong. So, I guess for this lovely Saturday we’re gettin’ this party started off LATE!

If you haven’t already introduce yourself {HERE} and leave comment love for a great giveaway

and then you should head over {HERE} . . . → Read More: ASK A BLOGGER @ BLOGNERD!

I call it stupidity… who would’ve thought

I come from a snobby family, well not all of them, but a couple of us are. I’ve picked up their traits and probably created a bunch of my own.I’ve changed into things I never was before, for the better, since I moved to Oregon. One thing I have yet to let go is . . . → Read More: I call it stupidity… who would’ve thought

Things I Love Thursday – My Magic Bullet

One thing I LOVE LOVE LOVE is my Magic Bullet. Blenders and I don’t get along. I don’t know why, but I never could get thing things I wanted to blend the way I wanted. I know, it wasn’t the blender…. it was the user! Making a smoothie isn’t a hassle anymore in . . . → Read More: Things I Love Thursday – My Magic Bullet

Friday Favorites

Been a while, but I want to get back into this…..

My favorites of this week are as follows:

Jayden finally made it to the dentist for the first time and did AMAZING! My 7 year old doesn’t even have a cavity. I’m so proud of him I highly believe that this is because . . . → Read More: Friday Favorites

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