Mommy Guilt Sucks

This little guy used to be the center of my world entirely…. him and him only. He was the only baby in our family. My brother and sister hadn’t had children yet and the next baby in the family {my nephew} didn’t come until Jayden was 5. That’s 5 years of being spoiled . . . → Read More: Mommy Guilt Sucks

and days like this too shall pass

Today I sat in my car and wanted to cry. I had to take a deep breath and tell myself that they’re just kids and unfortunately sometimes this is what kids do. Parenting is the hardest thing besides a marriage. I’m not sure which one is harder, but they’re both pretty dang hard. Parenting . . . → Read More: and days like this too shall pass

Jayden’s Baptism

We believe in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that children are innocent and do not fully understand the difference between right and wrong until they reach the age of 8. Baptism is for the remission of sins, and a very special ordinance between Heavenly Father and yourself. We wait . . . → Read More: Jayden’s Baptism

His First Meeting with Bishop

The first part of this post really isn’t my Pour Your Heart Out ~ it’s more towards the end.  I originally didn’t write this post as a Pour Your Heart Out post, but realized that towards the end that’s kinda what I did  

We’ve set the baptism date {this Saturday, 5:00pm LDS . . . → Read More: His First Meeting with Bishop

Spring Love

I took the kids out to do their spring pictures ~ and I’ve completely fallen in love with this one.  It shows their love.  And their love is beautiful.  Their love is perfect.  Their love is unconditional.   I love them.

You can see more pictures from the shoot on my {PHOTO . . . → Read More: Spring Love

There is a Friend

There is a friend! And my heart feels THAT much better.Not all kids at Jayden’s school are devils mean.And I wish I had a camera to see the looks on their faces today as they saw each other at Costco. A girl.  

Jayden and this girl stood in front of each other, arms . . . → Read More: There is a Friend

Kids are SO Mean!

I’m still a bit upset about {THIS POST}, because Jayden’s still upset. He’s such a cute, sweet, hard to not love boy. I don’t get how he doesn’t have friends. I don’t get how kids are so mean to him. To be honest I would honestly like to pull him out of school and . . . → Read More: Kids are SO Mean!

Mr. Jayden Garibay

I absolutely enjoy this little man of mine Conversations with him always make me giggle and smile. So I want to start video recording him talking more. So I introduce to you ~ my little Jayden Garibay.

3/17/10 Jayden from Amanda Garibay on Vimeo.

. . . → Read More: Mr. Jayden Garibay

Dear Jayden

Dear Jayden, I just want you to know how special you are to me. Your little personality really shines through, and your soul is perfect. So perfect that sometimes I wonder why God put you on this earth. What exactly is your purpose? I think it’s to do great things. People who have . . . → Read More: Dear Jayden

Letters for my babies

Dear Jayden,Last night your dad and I were talking about how special you are. I know that every parent in the world thinks their kids are special, have a special soul, but we’re not the only ones that see it with you. Your soul is different, Jayden. Most kids your age aren’t concerned with . . . → Read More: Letters for my babies

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