What do I do?

I’m happy where I’m at. I’m happy where I’m at in every aspect of my life. Especially where I live at. I never thought I could be happy away from my home, but strangely this has become my home.

We’re in a very scary economy, and people are losing their jobs left and right. . . . → Read More: What do I do?

Today and Tomorrow’s Inspiration

I read this on my friend Tammy’s blog and had to put it here for others to read. This is probably one of the best things I’ve ever heard. So much that I’m considering putting it in a digital scrapbook page and printing and framing it.

She doesn’t know who wrote it, so I . . . → Read More: Today and Tomorrow’s Inspiration

Inspiration from the Bishop

On Monday night we went to a Fireside at the Bishop’s house. He was putting it on for the missionaries, and our missionaries invited Gino and I. So, we dragged my Grandma along with me. I know she didn’t want to go, and honestly, Gino didn’t want to go either, but they’re both happier . . . → Read More: Inspiration from the Bishop

Are you having anymore?

I get this question a lot. Probably at least once a week from some random person. They ask, are you having anymore kids? Or are you done since you have a girl and a boy. I truly do feel blessed that I have a girl and a boy and can be done if that’s . . . → Read More: Are you having anymore?


We moved to Oregon a year and 3 months ago. When we had first moved here there was one time that we went to Lithia Park and was letting Jayden play. I was still pregnant with Ella. There was this girl there that we were talking with and she seemed like a really cool . . . → Read More: Ironic

Freak out panic – goals will help!

Sometimes life just seems to fly by so fast and I feel like it’s slipping through my fingers. I’ve finally been given the perfect opportunity to be able to work at home and raise my kids and I can’t even begin to describe how thankful I am to be in a position like that. . . . → Read More: Freak out panic – goals will help!

It’s the little things that keep me up late!

Why is it that I think I have everything accomplished and can go to bed and then I realize I forgot to close the lid to the washer. My husband’s clothes have to be dry in order for them to be on him at 3:30am…. lovely ~ I’ve been going going going since 6:30am . . . → Read More: It’s the little things that keep me up late!

A Mama Woops

Today was long! I changed Ella’s diaper tonight and got up, threw her diaper in the garbage and then went to FINALLY get on my blog and talk about how my son graduated from Kindergarten yesterday and how Ella has another tooth and all the things that I’m just now too exhausted to talk . . . → Read More: A Mama Woops

Echo Echo Ecccchhhhooooo

I know, I know, it’s like there’s an echo going on here, but here I am to update as to why. I’ve been running around like a crazy, mad woman, and things are so different with Norm and my Grandma living here.

It got to the point in only a week I was done. . . . → Read More: Echo Echo Ecccchhhhooooo

Best New Family Site

If you’re anything like me right now, you’re running around with stressful household and basically, YOU’RE GOING CRAZY!!! First off, if you’re looking for ways to have a stress-free home, what the heck are you doing reading MY BLOG??? I’m still trying to figure it out, but I’ll tell you what ~ I think . . . → Read More: Best New Family Site

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