Love is patient.

I read that and almost cringed. Patient???? I am not very patient. I am not very patient at all, but I love. I love my children with all my heart and soul. I love my husband. Yet, I am not extremely patient with them, and that makes me sad. The . . . → Read More: Patience

I got tagged by Rachel

1. What is your husband’s name? Gino2. Who eats more? Gino3. Who said, “I love you” first? I did on accident getting off the phone.4. Who is taller? Gino5. Who is smarter? Um… ME! 6. Who is more sensitive? Me7. Who does the laundry? For the most part me – but if needs laundry . . . → Read More: I got tagged by Rachel

Some more goals…

I’m getting extra doses of my husband this week. He’s had Sunday, Monday & Tuesday off. Then he also has Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday off. That’s a lot of time together. It’s been nice though. I’m getting work done, and he’s hanging out with Ella. If he knew I was really up here . . . → Read More: Some more goals…

Monday Babblings

It’s Monday and I’m motivated. I have a new blackberry curve and it has me motivated. New gadgets always get me excited. I was laying in bed and I sat there with my phone in my hand and went into the tasks and put everything in there that I needed to get done. I . . . → Read More: Monday Babblings

My Perfect Marriage

My aqua aerobics teacher said something last night that I loved. She said her marriage is perfect. Sometimes it’s perfectly wonderful and sometimes it’s perfectly horrible, but it’s always perfect.

I love it! That sums up my marriage perfectly 😉


I really am done. I have been going going going and going since 6am. We got Norm moved into his home, my grandma moved into her home and I haven’t felt this tired in a REALLY long time. I know I’ve been full of rants lately, but I have to go at it again.

. . . → Read More: Exhaustion

A Scattered Thought

The following is something I wrote earlier and thought I would use it as my Works for me Wednesday post. ~~~

As a parent we make mistakes. It’s what happens and I believe that there is a reason that we as parents make mistakes. Not only for us to learn from so we can . . . → Read More: A Scattered Thought

Staying positive

I must say today was a *Bee-u-tiful* day! The sun was shining, the birds were singing ~ all in all it was a glorious day. Okay… the sun wasn’t shining, but the birds definitely were singing. They’ve been building a contraption in some vent that is above my stove. We hear them.

I did . . . → Read More: Staying positive

He’s a keeper

There are so many times where I’m frustrated with my husband. Sometimes he really can make me madder than I’ve ever been, and lately with my hormonal problem I’ve said some pretty horrible things to him. There’s so many little things that he does that sometimes just really get under my skin. Marriage can . . . → Read More: He’s a keeper

No more IUD for the sake of my sanity

After having a completely emotional day I think I’ve come to a decision that might just save my sanity. I really have loved the Mirena, but I’m turning into someone I don’t even like. My husband actually said to me today that he doesn’t even like to come home on his lunch break anymore . . . → Read More: No more IUD for the sake of my sanity

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