My husband thinks I have claws…

Yesterday we went to Jayden’s TBall game and as I was driving the sun was beating into my car. (Mental note – MUST GET WINDOWS TINTED THIS YEAR!) Anyways… the sun made me think about how I forgot the sunscreen. So, I make the comment of “Great! I’m going to look like a tomato . . . → Read More: My husband thinks I have claws…

Ramblings On Me

It’s the stake conference at church today and we’re not going. I really did want to go, but I really didn’t want to make Jayden sit through that for 2 hours. Not to mention, 1 hour of Sacrament meeting with Ella is hard enough, 2 hours is unthinkable. I am sad though that I’m . . . → Read More: Ramblings On Me

Happy Anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Garibay

4 years ago today I made a commitment to my best friend that I would forever be by his side. That we would be together with every beat of our hearts. 4 years ago today we so different. I don’t even think you can really say that we were “in love”. We were in . . . → Read More: Happy Anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Garibay

Update to Mother’s Day Post

Here’s a couple of wonderful Mother’s Day moments that happened this year………..

1) I’m on my way home from church and I call Gino and tell him that we should go out to pizza for lunch, because that sounds really good. Gino then replies…. “I’m not feeling pizza.” Okay, Gino, what is it that . . . → Read More: Update to Mother’s Day Post

P.S. I Love You

We sat down last night to watch this movie and I had already fallen in love with these characters as I had read the book. I cried from the beginning til the end. I’ve been having issues with death as it is and I really think I shouldn’t have watched this movie. I think . . . → Read More: P.S. I Love You


Over the past year I’ve grown so much more closer to my husband that I’ve ever been in our entire relationship. I wasn’t married when I got pregnant. I didn’t even get married until our son was 2 1/2. And even still I can say that I don’t think we were ready to get . . . → Read More: Marriage

This Week’s Goals

Parenting: Continue with reading at least 20 minutes per day with Jayden.

Marriage: Smile at my husband more often and not criticize.

Household: Follow every one of Kelly’s Missions this week. Work on 2 loads of laundry/day.

Faith: 15 minutes of scripture reading every single night. Kneeling down to pray every single night. Reading . . . → Read More: This Week’s Goals

This Week’s Goals

Parenting: Work with Jayden on his spelling/reading. Read to/with Jayden for at least 20 minutes every day. Get Jayden’s new Routine/Chore chart set up

Marriage: Watch my attitude with my husband, because Lord knows I can get one. I also want to work on looking at the positive things in our marriage instead of . . . → Read More: This Week’s Goals

Happiness Shattered in 1 Second

It amazes me how we can go through life doing our routines when something out of the middle of nowhere can shatter your happiness in literally 1 second. I feel like that happened to me tonight. I know that what I’m about to say doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but it’s . . . → Read More: Happiness Shattered in 1 Second

I NEVER Thought I’d See The Day

That my husband would not work graveyard. My husband and I got together in July 2000. A month later he started working graveyard and has worked graveyard ever since. It’s just the way of life for us. I let him sleep til 2pm and then he wakes up and we have all evening together . . . → Read More: I NEVER Thought I’d See The Day

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