The neighbors… oh how we love them! ;)

Me & Celeste out on the town for my 27th B/day

The story eventually had to come here. Back in September 2007 we moved into our home. We don’t own it, it’s not even a house… it’s a townhouse (individually owned) and we’ve always loved it.  When we first moved in of course . . . → Read More: The neighbors… oh how we love them! 😉

Neighbor on Craigslist! LOL!!

Totally slacking here! Sorry…. there’s been new neighbor episodes. Frankly… not even normal.“Jim” comes to my door and asks if I was offended when he offered to take pictures of me for my husband. Offended? No. Would do it in a million years? No.Apparently, assistant girl went on Craiglist in our area under Artists . . . → Read More: Neighbor on Craigslist! LOL!!

Oh there more, people…. there’s more!

Do you need to catch up on the neighbor drama going on before reading the following?  It’s all about having a PIMP for a neighbor. {CLICK HERE}Things have been quiet.Life has begun to be normal.Occasionally I hear a garage door open next door, but THAT. IS. IT. NOTHINGUntil today….Door bell rings, I answer there . . . → Read More: Oh there more, people…. there’s more!

Just when I thought it was over….

Oh boy… if my neighbor only knew that I was sitting here blogging about his life.. UGH! That’s okay… he never needs to know! So here I go airing out more… “Assistant” has my phone number.  When I first met her I really was clueless to what was going on next door and I . . . → Read More: Just when I thought it was over….

Neighbor Drama Continued

I got sick and couldn’t continue on with the neighbor saga, but here I am to continue for all of those who were calling/emailing/DMing LOL  Names are being changed to protect identity. There was a knock on my door and I answer to find his “assistant” standing there, sunglasses on and not very happy. . . . → Read More: Neighbor Drama Continued

And I was like…. wooooa!

I’m a girl… and girls LOVE a good soap opera story in real life to watch unfold. Well, maybe not so much a soap opera story, but in this case…. A REAL LIFE O.M.G THERE’S A PIMP NEXT DOOR STORY!I’m gonna back it up here for a second to last week…. I think it . . . → Read More: And I was like…. wooooa!

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