Digitally Organize Your Life with AboutOne {GIVEAWAY!!}

One of my weird guilty pleasures is watching the show Hoarders.  I cringe when it’s over and rush to whatever things I’m hoarding and start throwing it all away.  Well, that is until it

comes to all the paper stuff.  You know, the kids’ artwork, the awards my . . . → Read More: Digitally Organize Your Life with AboutOne {GIVEAWAY!!}

Couponizer & Giveaway

Welcome to this week’s Works for Me Wednesday… Kristen over {We are THAT Family} is super awesome and I hope you head back over there for more things that work for others, but in the meantime… I introduce you to the………………

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a blog called {My Frugal Adventures} where . . . → Read More: Couponizer & Giveaway

Friday Favorites/ALOHA! ~ Reviews on Blogs?

MY FRIDAY FAVORITES ~ **if you’re here for Aloha Friday and don’t care about my favs of the week scroll on down** What a week! Actually, it was pretty uneventful for me. Jayden started 2nd Grade…. that gets its own post in its own, but the same day he also started soccer. Ella has . . . → Read More: Friday Favorites/ALOHA! ~ Reviews on Blogs?

Things I LOVE Thursday – My HP and my HP LOVES ME!

In the mornings I’m ripped open and immediately tapped on vigorously.  I have been told dirty little secrets that are being typed into social networks, and I don’t even get a chance to say the things that I want to say… it’s only what my user wants to say.  Oh boy, the things that . . . → Read More: Things I LOVE Thursday – My HP and my HP LOVES ME!

I found what sleeping in heaven will be like

Last night my husband and I climbed into our bed and both sat completely speechless. It took everything out of me to turn my head towards him and ask…. are you in heaven too?

While I was at Costco yesterday I found that in the coupon book the one thing I’ve had my eye . . . → Read More: I found what sleeping in heaven will be like

I tasted heaven… then had to bathe Ella

It’s Wednesday!!!! {Kristen} is hosting the weekly Works for Me Wednesday… head over there for more great tips.

I normally try to share an actual “tip” that will help other mom/houswives out, but today I’m probably going to discourage a lot of people that are dieting…. and I’m SO sorry for that. I too . . . → Read More: I tasted heaven… then had to bathe Ella


My newest, delicious, most favorite thing in the entire world is {COOKIE POPS}. I am lucky enough to have the creator of these heavenly things not even a mile from my house.

I have no idea how they did it, but Aaron & Eunice have created something that is MAGICAL. These are a great . . . → Read More: COOKIE POPS – GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT

Things I Love Thursday – Roomba

The Diaper Diaries is an absolutely fabulous blog, and every once in a while I jump on her carnival of Thing I Love Thursday. I don’t like to tell people I love something unless I truly love something.

I truly, whole heartedly am head over heels in love with Roomba. Roomba does . . . → Read More: Things I Love Thursday – Roomba

World with the internet

Yesterday I was at Costco buying a sewing machine and using my phone to go online to make sure I couldn’t get it cheaper anywhere else. On our way home I started thinking about how useful the internet is in my life and so many others. There’s so much that we can accomplish just . . . → Read More: World with the internet

Raising Awareness

Alzheimer’s Disease is such a heartbreaking disease that seems to take over many people every day. I have not had to deal with this in my family yet, and I hope that I never have to. I’ve had friends with grandparents that have been diagnosed with this horrible disease and it breaks my heart.

. . . → Read More: Raising Awareness

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