4th Myaversary ~ *Heavy Image*

Yesterday was our 4th Myaversary.  4 years ago yesterday we found out our baby girl was no longer alive inside of me.  Hardest most excruciating pain I’ve ever experienced inside.

I talk about {Mya} often.  She’s not something I’ve pushed under the rug and moved easily on . . . → Read More: 4th Myaversary ~ *Heavy Image*

Potty Training at its FINEST

I have got to say…. having a puppy and a toddler together is one big fricking circus in this house! The dog is pretty much potty trained. I can’t even begin to describe the excitement in my soul about this! The toddler is in potty training process…. It’s going . . . → Read More: Potty Training at its FINEST

When the Dog’s Got the Runs….. {lovely post, I know!}

I’m just gonna come out and say that NOTHING….. NOOOOOOOTHING is worse than a dog w/the runs. Talk about DISGUSTINGNESS in your home. Sorry for the TMI, but I’ve been dealing with it and it’s been HORRIBLE. So in my search for a remedy I turned my plea to Twitter… and {@ToBeThode} or for . . . → Read More: When the Dog’s Got the Runs….. {lovely post, I know!}

I crate my dog… and here is why

I don’t know what most people’s thoughts are on crated their dogs, but I’ll just come right out and say I AM A CRATER! I believe that for the safety of my dog and my house when we are upstairs or out of the house our dog needs to be in her crate.

I’m . . . → Read More: I crate my dog… and here is why

My Mother’s Day…

Mother’s Day…. HEAVEN! I absolutely love being at the coast. It’s gorgeous, peaceful, and it’s a place I’d honestly like to see myself living at one day. I don’t know, it may happen… it may not. That’s the beauty of life. The only thing truly stopping me from packing up and picking my new . . . → Read More: My Mother’s Day…

Things I Love Thursday – Roomba

The Diaper Diaries is an absolutely fabulous blog, and every once in a while I jump on her carnival of Thing I Love Thursday. I don’t like to tell people I love something unless I truly love something.

I truly, whole heartedly am head over heels in love with Roomba. Roomba does . . . → Read More: Things I Love Thursday – Roomba

and then there was peace……

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