Schools In Session!!

We have got some exciting and fun things going on here at our homeschool.  We’ve really been enjoying Time 4 Learning for the main core subjects like Language Arts and Math.  For History we’ve been doing Story of the World, which has been SO MUCH FUN….. even for me!  I have to admit that . . . → Read More: Schools In Session!!

all around it’s just a crappy situation

Everybody in my family knows me as the girl who speaks her mind.

The only problem with this little tag on me is that I can’t speak my mind to them.  If you’ve read the history on this blog you might see the continuing issues of me not talking to this family member or . . . → Read More: all around it’s just a crappy situation

We’ve just been indulged in life a tad

Summer arrived…… time for blogging sortof diminished.  We’re all doing great though.  I completely got myself in over my head with summer term at school and ended up having to drop my science class.  Pictures?  Ugh. I pretty much put myself in a hard spot to where I actually had ZERO… and I mean . . . → Read More: We’ve just been indulged in life a tad

Villalobos Family

On June 12th we headed to Stockton, California to go to my family reunion – since I was in the area I decided to take on a couple photoshoots. I got to meet this family for the first time ever and loved working with them. I asked the oldest girl, Honey, if she had . . . → Read More: Villalobos Family

Heaven is for real – and it touched my soul!

I’ve always had a pretty strong faith in my heart regarding Jesus, Heavenly Father, the plan of salvation, the church I believe in {HERE}.  It’s just something that has been so embedded in my heart – one of those things you just know.  So when I heard about this amazing book called Heaven is . . . → Read More: Heaven is for real – and it touched my soul!

This is why being a mom is hard!

My kid does not have friends.

It has nothing to do with the fact that he’s not in school, because he had no friends there for the 3 1/4 years he was there.

As I’ve mentioned before, he has a language disability and it makes him socially awkward.  This in turn makes other kids . . . → Read More: This is why being a mom is hard!

The little truly know what it’s all about

There’s this time in life when there’s no stress; no worries. The rising sun and the fluttering butterflies are the here and now – nothing else matters.

I’ve been paying attention to a lot of the young children these days and am sad to see so many growing up way too early. It is . . . → Read More: The little truly know what it’s all about

I’m FASHIONABLY Late! Ultimate BLOG Party!!

I’ve had this whole post envisioned in my brain to do for the Ultimate Blog Party – because, come on! The Ultimate Blog Party post has got to be THE post….

But, my dear new friends, the post I envisioned isn’t happening. Because that’s life! It’s havoc and while it might be enchanting . . . → Read More: I’m FASHIONABLY Late! Ultimate BLOG Party!!

No Motivating Monday….

I’ve been busy.

I have this overwhelming amount of homework to do.

And I just realized that last week I forgot to do Just a Motivating Monday…. and this week I’m skipping it too!  SORRY!

I have a huge paper that’s due on Friday and it’s seriously taking over every ounce of my brain.

. . . → Read More: No Motivating Monday….

Happy Valentines Day – Love Us

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