Aboutone Winner!

The winner of the Aboutone year subscription according to Random.org is #19


Jen said: This would save my life from the mountain of papers and receipts in our house. Awesome giveaway

Congrats, Jen!!   I will email you and you have 48 hours to respond before I draw another . . . → Read More: Aboutone Winner!

even miss positivity has her moments

I sat down last night and typed out a very heartfelt post.  If you’ve ever read my Pour Your Heart Out posts before this was the topper of pouring it all out.  I hit publish, closed the computer and went to bed.  And it’s not here.  It’s not in my drafts…. it’s just GONE.

. . . → Read More: even miss positivity has her moments

Reflection ~ Personal Development

As I was walking into a building I caught a glimpse of myself.  My reflection showed me what other people see.  A girl toting around 2 children with a baby strapped to her chest.

I saw myself as a mother.  Something I know I am, but don’t literally “see” very . . . → Read More: Reflection ~ Personal Development

Garibay’s Christmas 2010

Christmas ~ one of my most favorite holidays EVER. I love the magic that is lit up inside of my children, I love teaching them about Jesus and everything that he has done and will do for us. I love being together as a family and being thankful for the blessings in . . . → Read More: Garibay’s Christmas 2010

Aliyah is 1 month!

One month….

Towards the end of my pregnancy the days would drag and I felt so anxious inside to meet my beautiful little Aliyah.  Now that she’s here, the weeks are flying by and she’s getting older and older and now *gasp* my newborn is a month old.

In the past month she’s been . . . → Read More: Aliyah is 1 month!

The Newest Garibay

Born November 29, 2010 at 12:56pm.  This little bundle of pure and absolute joy weighed 7lbs 5oz & was 19 inches long.  Birth story to come ~ just had to introduce the newest little Garibay

Aliyah Lee Garibay

The post about it all!

I woke this morning to one of the most beautiful faces I’ve ever seen.  Her first words to me were, “No work today?”  and I smiled with this warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart and replied, “No, no more work for me, Ella.” and what came out of her mouth next floored me….

“You’ve . . . → Read More: The post about it all!

A Trip to Happiness

This is an essay I just wrote tonight for my writing class.  It’s a description essay, and I chose to write it on my feelings of moving from Sacramento to Southern Oregon.  I’d love to hear any feedback you have as it’s just my first draft.  I also have to say that . . . → Read More: A Trip to Happiness

Holy Overwhelmed!

I have a lot on my plate right now.  I have 2 weeks left of this job I’m doing, and going to school full time AND trying to get ready to bring Jayden home from public school.

I’m a tad overwhelmed and probably will be for the next couple of weeks.  . . . → Read More: Holy Overwhelmed!

The post that changes our lives forever ~ In the best way EVER

Sunday I posted on my blog my frustrations with the social relms of public school and poured my heart out about how I was considering homeschooling.

I received amazing feedback from some amazing mamas that I can’t wait to learn more from.

Our hearts are set, . . . → Read More: The post that changes our lives forever ~ In the best way EVER

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