A Ride on a Steam Locomotive

Do you ever imagine life in the days when taking a train ride was a normal thing?  A regular way of travel… where you’d see you’re love come off the train, coming back from war?  Such simpler times… For other Wordless Wednesday {Click Here} . . . → Read More: A Ride on a Steam Locomotive

A Little Preview of what I’m up to

A quick little run down

I took a couple day break from blogging without announcing it ~ and I enjoyed it!

I’m working on a couple of special posts ~ one will be posted tomorrow for a very special birthday girl. I’m just jumping in to give a little update on US!

Our trip was wonderful! We . . . → Read More: A quick little run down

The most BORING Garibay Soup post EVER!

I’m just popping in to say hello… we’re doing quite well. If you don’t follow me on Twitter you might be wondering where the heck I’ve been. Well, I’ve been everywhere. Tonight I lay in the world’s most comfortable bed in Salt Lake City at Little America Hotel. I am planning on being home . . . → Read More: The most BORING Garibay Soup post EVER!

Twitter & Traveling… I’ll be doing twitter while traveling!

Boy these days have been flying! I am leaving for vacation in 2 days and am completely unprepared… I know it will all come together! I’m looking forward to this week’s Works for Me Wednesday to scoop out travel tips w/kids. It’s summer… there has to be some! We are driving from Oregon to . . . → Read More: Twitter & Traveling… I’ll be doing twitter while traveling!

Our Family’s New Addition…. and I need advice :)

Here’s Sophie!! She’s such a sweet addition

What a Sunday. It started for me at 5am waking up to Sophie pooping in her crate…. me not knowing, because it’s dark and letting her walk out of the crate instead of carrying her. It was gross, and made me want to cry, but we . . . → Read More: Our Family’s New Addition…. and I need advice :)

Cardiology Appointment….

Our vacation was nice! I didn’t take a lot of pictures, but I did get a few. I did a couple maternity shots of my sister and there’s some of me with the girls in my family. I’ll post them up this weekend.

The trip was fast. Wednesday we left home for Reno and . . . → Read More: Cardiology Appointment….

I’m Okay!!

I have a couple of voice mail’s and emails checking on me…. I didn’t realize it had been so long LOL. Time flies when you’re having fun!

I’m okay. I’ve been on vacation and started it in Reno and arrived in Sacramento today to do my sister’s baby shower tomorrow.

Sunday we’ll be on . . . → Read More: I’m Okay!!

Our trip in pictures and some words

Our trip to California was quick. We had such a fun time though. Friday after Jayden got out of school we took off and got into town around 8:30pm. At 10:30 pm we went to the movies with my sister while my mom watched the kids. We saw that 3D My Bloody Valentine movie . . . → Read More: Our trip in pictures and some words

Going to Cali TOMORROW!

Well, I definitely didn’t expect this, but we had plans on going to Sacramento next weekend, but there’s going to be snow…. and I don’t do driving in snow. So, I called Gino and asked if he’d rather go this weekend and he said yeah. So, he’s playing hookie on Saturday and we’re leaving . . . → Read More: Going to Cali TOMORROW!

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