Let’s be real here –

I’m LDS.

I was born into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints {Mormon}.

But I didn’t go to church all my life.

In fact church is rather new to me. Within the past few years new.

I have to come out and talk about a few things that really bother me. . . . → Read More: Let’s be real here –

Because the lady at the store is totally in my marriage….

Last week for my Pour Your Heart Out post I got an wonderful amount of people giving me support and advice on my {son’s new found diagnosis}…. I just want to say that I am so grateful for the amazing community that comes with this mommy blogging thing ~ . . . → Read More: Because the lady at the store is totally in my marriage….

Pour Your Heart Out…. In Laws

Believe it or not I hate drama. I say believe it or not, because it seems like we ALWAYS have drama going on with family. So I’m here to pour it all out.

I’ve never had a good relationship with my inlaws. They have this preconceived idea . . . → Read More: Pour Your Heart Out…. In Laws

Personal Revelation? Or just coincidence?

This weekend my husband and I got to go out on a date.  You have no IDEA how needed this date truely was.  We have gone from spending LITERALLY Every. Single. Day together…. since he doesn’t leave for work until the evening, and I stay home…. to NEVER seeing each other. 

. . . → Read More: Personal Revelation? Or just coincidence?

Precious Alana has left ~ Psycho Blog Stalkers… hope you enjoy!

Hello stalkers welcome to the stalker club, because sadly I have many. And yes, I did know that you people were coming to my blog ~ just like I know that Alana’s brother’s mom is STILL coming here and reading about my life, which is a little creepy.  BUT I really hope you share . . . → Read More: Precious Alana has left ~ Psycho Blog Stalkers… hope you enjoy!

A Scary Night

The prior two blog posts before this one were removed for the majority of today. I wasn’t sure who was reading my blog, and things got extremely CRAZY and scary regarding the situation with my niece Alana that I felt that I had to remove the posts until her fate was secure. My last . . . → Read More: A Scary Night

Pour Your Heart Out – #1

Tonight I was over at my Bloggity friend {Chelle’s blog} and she was writing a blog for Shell’s awesome {and you can click on the picture to head to Shell’s blog}………. probably not the best thing for me to join, because I love to hold things in… and then they need to come . . . → Read More: Pour Your Heart Out – #1

The Whitest Hispanic EVER!

My husband is Hispanic. He’s a nice mixture of Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican. What I’m getting at here is he should not only know Spanish, but he should know how to spell things like…. quesadilla.He had left a status update on his facebook about how he was hungry…. a comment was left telling . . . → Read More: The Whitest Hispanic EVER!

Ella is 2 and is acting like a stripper… I’m worried

I’m sure I’ve blogged about this before, but just in case I haven’t I HAVE TO DO IT NOW! A while ago my ever so ghetto brother decided he would give Ella a dollar. When he gave it to her, he opened up her pull up and stuffed it on the side…. stripper style.That . . . → Read More: Ella is 2 and is acting like a stripper… I’m worried

Neighbor on Craigslist! LOL!!

Totally slacking here! Sorry…. there’s been new neighbor episodes. Frankly… not even normal.“Jim” comes to my door and asks if I was offended when he offered to take pictures of me for my husband. Offended? No. Would do it in a million years? No.Apparently, assistant girl went on Craiglist in our area under Artists . . . → Read More: Neighbor on Craigslist! LOL!!

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